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by MoMa
Wed Apr 03, 2024 7:52 am
Forum: Challenges
Topic: Double Anal!!
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Re: Double Anal!!

You just projec your own likes and dislikes to her. It's the same when someone comes and questions our AO lifestyle. "Why do you want to fuck the ass?" "Do you hate women?". "I don;t find it normal." "It's disgusting" and other lovely things that I heard previously! I'm poly for the last 3 years wit...
by MoMa
Wed Apr 03, 2024 7:40 am
Forum: Porn
Topic: ATM to throatpie?
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Re: ATM to throatpie?

You can always do that with your partner and film it. Presto! Custom porn for you for the lonely nights of winter!
by MoMa
Wed Apr 03, 2024 6:36 am
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Topic: Jealous about her ex
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Re: Jealous about her ex

This is simply one interpretation of what you THINK it would happen if they were still together. You create the problem in your mind and you lower yourself, comparing yourself to the other guy. Trust me, the intimacy issues between you and your wife are not associated whatsover. Probably, if they co...
by MoMa
Wed Apr 26, 2023 9:18 pm
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Topic: My first orgy!
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Re: My first orgy!

Hi! While I do get your kink and like reading your adventures and certainly your are an impulsive person, excited by being daring, I would advise to be a little bit more cautious. Everything should be SSC (safe, sane and consent). Use lube and condoms and safe words and try to check a little bit the...
by MoMa
Wed Apr 26, 2023 11:55 am
Forum: General
Topic: The pussy is there to look at and the ass is there for sex
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Re: The pussy is there to look at and the ass is there for sex

΅For me it's different. I do love anal, but occasionally, as a "surprise" I penetrate the vagina. But, what I do LOVE to do is cunnilingus. In a sense, I love the pussy, but not to fuck it. I'd rather spend time, lick it, make it cum, make it squirt, etc. It depends on the partner also. One of my pa...
by MoMa
Mon Dec 12, 2022 3:43 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Introducing myself again
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Re: Introducing myself again

Hi. Just curious. When you date other men, are you allowed to cum, by stimulating your clit or you are denied that also?

Or do you choose on your alloted day of month to date someone else, so as to have orgasms?
by MoMa
Wed Sep 07, 2022 1:04 pm
Forum: General
Topic: building an AO relationship
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Re: building an AO relationship

Yup, brats are nice! I would assume that brats have an inner conflict of what they want VS social conditioning. It goes along with rape fantasy so much, because most women who are having fantasies of being raped, is because they can secretly enjoy sex and not being stigmatized about it, since it was...
by MoMa
Wed Sep 07, 2022 12:59 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Long time lurker, finally posting
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Re: Long time lurker, finally posting

I managed to divorce after a 19 year relationship, three years ago. I think I have posts here before my divorce. 3 years later and several partners later, I can boil it down to these two factors: 1) If she likes it, you are fine 2) If she doesn't like it, investigate why. Usually, it's a bad experie...
by MoMa
Mon Jun 27, 2022 2:07 am
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Topic: My journey onto ass to mouth receiving
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Re: My journey onto ass to mouth receiving

You are not lucky. You actively seeked in your life something you really wanted and achieved it.

This is true in every aspect of life...
Enjoy your new sex life!
by MoMa
Mon May 16, 2022 9:07 am
Forum: General
Topic: Dominant man how does a longtime relationship looklike.
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Re: Dominant man how does a longtime relationship looklike.

There are so many men out there, who can fulfill your needs, without even trying. The process of getting there, might sound hard right now, since your are heartbroken, but as long as you set clear boundaries with future partners, you'll reach to a point where you will have a coequal relationship in ...