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by notin2cars
Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:26 am
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Topic: Ass To Pussy - Is It Really So Bad ??
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Re: Ass To Pussy - Is It Really So Bad ??

On another forum, I asked, "Is there really a problem with upsetting the bacterial balance of the colon when anally douching?" This is the reply I received - No, there is no worry about upsetting the microbial balance as the rectum/anus is designed as a passage for expelling feces. The feces (and al...
by notin2cars
Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:39 pm
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Topic: Why do you like anal sex?
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Re: Why do you like anal sex?

First time poster here, hope I'm doing this right... I've been lurking here for years, enjoying the wonderful anal positivity of this community. But when I read Elyeria's post about how her dad handled her interest in anal, I had to join just so I could comment on it - Elyeria, that's just about the...