When (age) are women (and men) more attractive?

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Re: When (age) are women (and men) more attractive?

Post by KinkyKeith » Fri Jan 01, 2021 7:51 am

Women are usually most attractive physically about 16. But mentally not interesting at that age.
Mid 20s is really the sweet spot
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Re: When (age) are women (and men) more attractive?

Post by Backdoorlover » Tue Apr 04, 2023 1:09 am

Purely biological most girls are very sexually attractive from age 15-20. This is evolutionay because they then reach the age for bearing children.

We men then get tought it’s bad to even consider young girls like that attractive. I think that’s absolute nonesense. And the current internet hype of daddy/babygirl posts proves my point. Girls nowadays know they attract older men’s attention far more easy they do guys their own age.

And older men have advantages:

They are settled, have decent jobs and love to spoil a young sexy sidechick.
They are patient and thankfull which makes sex a lot better than with guys around their own age.
They don’t mind the girls going out with friend every weekend, daddy takes care of her and she takes care of daddy.
Some of these men are happily married so the babygirl is a sexual extra. She will never have to deal with the negative aspects in his life, that’s what his wife is for. The babygirl is meant for positive attention and good sex. That’s all that’s expected of her.

Same applies with cougars in the opposite direction. Mostly women in a sexual active age who got bored of the limited stamina of men their own age. They feel the eagerness of young men, combined with the ability to keep fucking all her holes for a whole night, proves she ‘s still sexy.

Now from my own point of view. I am 53 and I can see beauty in all ages. I see incredibly beautifull 15 year old girls, sitting in the car with their absolutely gorgeous 45 year old mums. My girlfiend is 51 and to me she’s an absolute stunner. Here in Europe women age beautifully. They don’t stop taking care of themselves. They keep their weight down. They do their hair nicely. They still go to the gym at age 40 and up. They don’t do the “mumbod” thing at all. I know mums with much better and sexier bodies then their own teen daughters. 😆
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Re: When (age) are women (and men) more attractive?

Post by GreatWhite » Wed Oct 11, 2023 4:47 pm

johnywest wrote:
Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:11 pm
Ever since I was a teenager I considered mature women more attractive than teens.

I hit puberty before my teens, but I was attracted to girls who were teenagers and adults off the bat though my first girlfriend was my age.

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