Why do you like your partner?

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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by Analien » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:07 am

minorkeyes wrote:My husband is the most understanding and intelligent man I have ever met. Yea, he is "smart" in the sense he is able to provide a very nice lifestyle of us, but he is emotionally in intelligent in a way I have rarely encounter. Compassionate and tender with his family but ideally forceful and no-nonsense when it comes to dealing with the world. Wonderful dad and truly a man who could not give a flip less of what others think.

I know my sister's heart and mind like it were my own. The deepest love I have ever known and the most beautiful person inside and out I have ever seen. I am still head over heels in love with her in the most passionate and inmate of ways. She literally looks more beautiful to me every day.

The three of us place a high premium on being our authentic selves and enjoying life to our best and most honest desire. I think that's why it works and we didn't have to ever debate or discuss things.

When my sister and I came to live together and realized we were always going to be together in someway- there was no discussion about going froward with an open relationship between us. We both just knew and lived our lives together in the way that made us happy.

Meeting our husband was a complete random occurrence. Sis worked with him and fancied him, they started sleeping together and eventually she was like, "Here is the deal between me and my sister..." and laid it out. My husband was pretty cool with it and over a year or two it developed mutually between the three of us in the most natural and unhurried way. No other man had been able to fit into our relationship previous.

I like to think our (me & sis) decision to live as we pleased attached to us others that were also interested in the same manner of personal authenticity. So it's not like we would have ever met a guy who was grossed out by incest among sisters and unwilling to live with us both.

This is just beautiful attitude, minorkeyes. It only shows that you are amazing and very mature person.
If only there were more people like you, the world would be much better place to live.
The mere reading your story turns me on.
Best wishes to all three of you.
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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by minorkeyes » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:05 pm

Haunter wrote: Thank you for sharing. So tell me if I'm right: the first of you two that met your future husband was your sister, who explained that bond of yours to him, and then he became the husband of you two, at once?

Yes. My sister and husband are legally married. I am not.

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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by Izabela » Mon May 16, 2022 12:14 am

There was many things why i did like and loved (maybe still do) my partner. Turns out after all i did he lost his interest in me... i did agree to almost everything he wanted, i changed the way i dress, i turned AO for him, i've even enlarget my breasts... Our wedding was planned on the end of the year. And he simply lost his feelings for me. I still cannot belive it...
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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by Backdoorlover » Mon May 16, 2022 12:55 am

I am not surprised Izabella. Cause lets be honest. You first lost your identity to please him. Never loose yourself for anyone. Never do stuff for anyone which doesn’t resonate in your mind (the boobjob).

I think you are a good woman and I know you will find a good man who will see you as the good person you are. That man you were with is/was not a good man. He was just showing off a thropy for some time.

Let this experience not ruin anal sex for you. Let the next man enjoy your asshole but in a mutual respectfull way. The dom sub thing only works if both parties are 100% in on it. You were not.

Lots of good luck to you.
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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by Backdoorlover » Mon May 16, 2022 1:14 am

I like my partner on so many levels.

She’s the sweetest woman I’ve ever met next to my mum.
She’s really good looking with a very nice figure and big boobs.
Her smile makes the sun come out every-single-time !
She shares my enthousiasm for anal sex so much, daily anal was a natural thing for us, from our first time we’ve assfucked.
She was a moderate cocksucker, but turned into a true blowjob queen in a few moths because she sucks me almost every day with an entousiasm that keeps filling my heart with joy.
She has absolutely no shred of arrogance in her. She’s even too modest.
She is a people pleaser who pleased the wrong people, forgetting to please herself in the process. I helped her understand she needs to put herself first sometimes.
Small things I do, get noticed by her as if I am rearranging life for her. She gets childlike amazed because of little things I do for her.
She deserves the things I do for her cause she is a giver and I teach her to accept.
She made my dream come true. An exclusively anal relationship in which pussy fucking isn’t even on the table anymore. Pussy is to admire, ass is for sex.
She gives me the best assfucks I could imagine, and my imagination is very vivid
Her ass is always ready for use, no prep needed. She absolutely loves to feel my cock in her little hole.
I never in my life had a woman for whom sex was so naturally and uncomplicated.
She loves me ❤️
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Re: Why do you like your partner?

Post by Nov111959 » Wed Jun 01, 2022 3:28 pm

We have many similarities about our partners. Mine has become the slut I always wanted after many years. She always wears her plug when we go out,she always sucks my cock while plugged and always takes my cock in her ass. Now she wants other cocks in her ass, that's ok, not sure how to go about it.

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