Mildly OT: Leather lingerie

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Mildly OT: Leather lingerie

Post by yosemitespam » Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:35 pm

Hi, All,

DW and I have had a lot of role-playing fun with leather clothes. The guy stuff is way too gay for us, but the girl stuff can be amazing. (Yes, I have to back and fill a bit with silk boxers and so on, to maintain interest.) ;)

We've been really happy with Allure Lingerie, but apparently they went belly-up a few years back and the new owners have taken them _way_ down-market. The stuff we have is as good as new, but as we all know, the wearers tend to change shape a bit with time. :)

Do you all have any fave sources of non-faux, non-vinyl, non-cheesy leather clothes for slightly larger women? (A demi-cup corset in XL would be just the ticket at the moment. ) ;)



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