Which male porn stars do you think are anal only?

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Which male porn stars do you think are anal only?

Post by younganalaficionado » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:02 am

There are lots of men in the industry who are partial to anal, but based off your own speculations and thoughts, who do you think would most likely want to perform anal only or most likely to want to be anal only?

My own thoughts:

Rocco Siffredi - Having been in the industry for so long and basically having done everything at least once, I think Rocco's biggest interest has always been in anal sex. Even though he's tried retiring in the past, I think the reason he keeps coming back is just cause other upcoming stars and directors just really don't have that drive to fuck ass.

Chris Strokes - From what I've seen on his Twitter and also based off his own personal website, Chris is pretty much an ass man.

Mike Adriano - Although Mike Adriano started off this way, I think he was pressured to make more pussy fucking stuff because anal only is still kind of niche.

Raul Cristian - Although he's long since retired, Raul really did have a way with how he directed anal. The Ass Traffic series were actually some of the earliest anal only movies I could find.

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Re: Which male porn stars do you think are anal only?

Post by fantasizing-realist » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:26 pm

Not that I would know, but do you mean *his* ass or his *partner's* ass?

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Re: Which male porn stars do you think are anal only?

Post by johnywest » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:00 am

Those are all straight male performers so it's about *her* ass. ;)

There are a lot of performers/directors that clearly prefer anal sex, although their movies are not anal only so that they please a bigger audience. (such a shame)
In their movies anal is the main event, the star of the show, and everything else is just foreplay leading to the main event.

Jean-Yves Le Castel is one of the pioneers of anal focused movies starting with the late 90s. He's Mr. Assman!
Christoph Clark from the same generation as Le Castel, one of the anal pioneers.

Before these guys came along anal was still taboo, maybe 2-3 minute in a 20 minutes scene was all that you could get.
Anal is God's gift to mankind! Anal is the key to world peace! Anal forever!

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Re: Which male porn stars do you think are anal only?

Post by heinousanus » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:14 pm

I would have to include Pierre Woodman of Woodman Casting X. Having watched many of his videos he definitely seems to have a preference for the back door. He has introduced many a young starlet to their first anal and almost invariably fingers their ass and only their ass while he's eating girls out to warm them up. He also has a number of castings where post cunnilingus orgasm he'll begin with anal. I get the feeling he only fucks pussy if a girl outright rejects his offer for anal or to please what presumably is a large mainstream audience that wants to see some pussy fucking.

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