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Re: scat

Post by Hotwife1570 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:46 pm

I have sex with both of my coworkers in my home. It's a long story. Anyhow, sometimes during anal some of my excrements got out. They make me lick it clean every time. At first I was hesitating but after awhile it became just natural and part of our 3some every weekend. I also drink their urine.

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Re: scat

Post by bmasteri » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:46 am

Actual scat play does not interest me that much but I love that musky smell of butt that is not totally cleaned up. Anal must be spontaneous sometimes and it so great when it just happens. So there is some scat involved sometimes. I love licking my subs asshole and last time we met I picked her from the train station. I had my car in the parking garage and I just licked her ass right there. I could really smell and taste that lovely ass in my mouth... a bit sweaty and shitty!
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Re: scat

Post by notnice66 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:33 pm

Yes, I understand the shame thing. For me it was partly disgust at myself but more worrying what my partner might think. I'm also spontaneous and if anal happens I may not have prepared, so scat is possible. I remember one time with a bf saying he was 'fucking the shit out of me', how awful it was and if he'd known he would have made me go to the toilet first and so on. But he didn't stop fucking and didn't stop saying how disgusting it was and even though I felt ashamed I also felt aroused. We both had strong orgasms and a few times after that I would hold off going to the toilet and get him to fuck me and it was the same thing - him complaining and me feeling bad and both of us having good cums.
Lucie wrote:Hi

I'm not really proud of that but I have to confess that we fuck very often each time of one of us want
So I can't clean my Ass each time so yes scat happens
We make regularly ATM even when his cock is messy
And now it's become a habit I always clean my BF cock with my mouth after anal
I never had any healthy problems so will keep to do it
But the worst humiliating thing I had was poop during an orgasm I mess every where but my bf keep going to fuck me until he cum too
And i don't know why but when he finish I make as usually and clean his cock with my mouth
On the moment was terribly exciting but after found this disgusting
Well I'm now terribly shameful confess this

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