Short & Slim Girls Enjoy Anal The Most... ???

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Re: Short & Slim Girls Enjoy Anal The Most... ???

Post by JonJames » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:18 am

Wow...what a great question! I've been lurking here for awhile, so I thought I'd make a contribution. There are so many great posts -- butt -- I was struck by how much knowledge and experience is wrapped around this single post.

Of course, virtually ANY woman with ANY body type can be awesome at anal -- and get incredible experiences from it. I've had it all, but all I can go on is my own experience. I'd have to say "short & slim" is the #1 body type for anal -- followed closely by the "athletic build." Why do I say this? I've had a very robust woman -- 5 ft 8 175 lbs -- lose her breath upon anal insertion. Me too. Tight! But then a woman 5 ft 3 109 lbs SMOOTHLY took all of my 7 inches -- with only natural juices -- right up to the balls in one slow smooth stroke.

Still in all, we're not talking about just taking anal -- we are talking about getting the most out of it, if I am correct.

In this regard, yes, some women saw pushing the cum out after anal to be an added chore -- but acknowledged the same issue was there with vaginal creampies. Mind you, they enthusiastically took the semen in the ass -- it's just the aftermath. To be honest, when she would let me watch it spurt out, that was a real turn on. But that did not happen every time. Sometimes it came out, sometimes not. I did not think about it too much.

But as my anal skills emerged, I notice that cumming deep in a woman's ass always seemed to have better results. Anyway, to the good stuff. I had had my eye on a very thin and short woman at work for a long time. Thank God, we started dating, and wouldn't you know it? She was great at anal naturally. I went in smooth, she came, I came. So I felt I had a chance to up my game with a willing partner, and learn a lot more. I can truly say, having her learn to "push out" and "hold it" -- or wink her anus -- during anal sex really made a lot happen for both of us.

One night I mentioned that her orgasms were a lot more intense with anal. She looked at me with a smile and said "So are yours. You produce a lot more cum with anal." This is a woman who knew her body. Anyway, she took to the PUSH OUT and HOLD IT commands like a duck to water. After a particularly vigorous ass fuck -- with her on her belly flat on the bed and me on top missionary -- I asked her "Do you want my cum in your asshole -- or your mouth?" (Yes, by this time, we had already accepted ATM into our lifestyle.)

With NO hesitation she said "I want it up my ass." I really began pounding...her hips bucking on every thrust. Then I commanded "PUSH OUT!" She just said...."UGGGGHHHH!" She tried, but I could tell it was hard for her to coordinate so many things at once. So I did a slow grind...rather than a pound. Again I said "PUSH OUT" -- and the most glorious thing happened. I could FEEL her colon mouth descend onto the head of my dick. The only feeling I can liken it to is when a warm mouth finally descends on the head of your cock when you have been anticipating a blow job for hours. You know, when she uses ALL lips to begin. It was so nice and slow --- so warm. And I could feel the grip. My cock head was IN this woman's most intimate hole. She knew it. I knew it.

Then her colon mouth started pulling...or sucking the head in...pulsating...and that was it. BAM! The first shot of cum must have been massive, because she THREW her head back with her mouth open. UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (It's a good thing the back of her did not hit my would have been a KO.) IT was THEN I told her to HOLD IT -- or clamp down. And she did with a vengeance, pulling me into her fire even deeper.

Then AGAIN. BIG jet of cum. Head goes back. For one of the first times, I actually felt my balls emptying -- rather than just being caught up in the feelings in the penis and head. AGAIN -- big jet and head throws back. There were several more after shocks, and we both lay there with me wedged in her colon -- for all intents and purposes -- blocking any semen from exiting (Though her muscles may have kept it in anyway.) Somehow, I got the notion to hold her cheeks together as I pulled out -- and then physically hold her cheeks shut after I was out -- telling her to HOLD IT until she gained control. When she felt confident, I slowly pulled her cheeks apart. Not one drop of cum! Just a pretty pink well fucked anus. Wow. We both went to sleep.

The next morning, I asked her what happened to the massive load I blew. She said "I think my body absorbed it." Was she happy that day? You bet! So was I. A simple day of apple picking brought us real joy.

We didn't know all the technical terms for what had happened -- yet. But we surely learned about "colon valves" and "absorption" and a lot more as we continued to explore. "Farting cum" and "pushing out anal creampies" for her was mostly a thing of the past. It is not that she really minded all of that -- this was simply better. It was the preferred method for semen deposits moving forward.

Sometimes, the semen would come out hours later -- thinned by the heat of her body, and expanded in volume by all of her upper colon liquids, jells, creams and juices -- the loads seemed massive. One time, during a "morning after" ass fuck, all the semen, etc., came out from the night before after I came in her ass. I mean -- a waterfall. We were in spoons, so it covered me from my belly to my upper thighs. The crazy thing? There was no strong scent to it. Just the mix of her cum and mine -- like the familiar sex smell -- yet much more. There was something sweet -- but only faintly so. It was like the air was full of pheromones, which I guess it was. Did she steam clean me? You bet. That experience actually made ATMs feel more natural too.

BOTTOM LINE? I have never felt a woman's colon like I did with her -- and with short, slim women in general. That is not to say I did not LOVE big ass when I had it -- coated with vanilla oil. YUM! Or even with the apple shape -- big chest flat butt (you can get in really deep using this position +). But as far as getting the head of my cock where it needed to be -- for her ultimate orgasm and my own -- it was short and slim. Watching her cute mouth make an O as we both felt her colon descend was almost as good as the orgasm. She was naturally good at anal; however, I do believe the PUSH OUT is what made it all happen so perfectly.

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Re: Short & Slim Girls Enjoy Anal The Most... ???

Post by Quebass » Tue May 11, 2021 10:02 am

After a fantastic night of assfucking we fell straight to sleep. Then in the morning we were so horny that we started assfucking again and during the fuck I could see my cum from the night before lubing us up. That was the same a you described it, it was as if she'd turned my cum into a mega sex pheromone in her butt over night. I pulled out and licked up every drop from her rosebud, which she fucking loved, as she knew I was sucking my own cum out her ass.
We flipped into the missionary position and shared the juices as we assfucked to orgasms. Magic

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