Accidental anal leading to a love for anal?

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Re: Accidental anal leading to a love for anal?

Post by S197 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:00 pm

Buttwoman wrote:I think it only happens in well staged porno movies.
I can voluntarily let in any penis ever made. Nobody could EVER go in there accidentally. You would be stopped dead at the gates. Physiology 101

This was with my 2nd wife, we were having vaginal in doggy and going at it pretty hard and rough, I pulled out by mistake, I push it back in hard and it went in her ass, I kept going at it like before, she grabed the sheets hard but didn't say anything, a few seconds later she was masturbating frantically, thats when I noticed I was fucking her ass. I asked her after if it hurt and she told me that it did but she was so horny at the moment that the pain mixed with amazement of how hard I was fucking her ass drove her crazy. We had rough anal before but we always started slow. She loved anal as much as vaginal.

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Re: Accidental anal leading to a love for anal?

Post by majorgummie » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:33 am

I agree that anal can not be "accidental", but it could be made to appear so. Many women only do PIV with their partners, but in private masturbate with some anal play. And out of fear, embarrassment, or shame do not tell their partner of their love of anal. That is why, when the man "accidentally" has his oops moment, she can pretend to like it for the first time.

I would be curious to hear how many women have used this approach to anal. I would imagine in most relationships, it is the man who brings up the topic of anal. So the woman, like a spider, just has to sit and wait for her "man fly" to try and stick his dick in.

It is a nice trick. Especially if she really likes the guy and is considering long term plans with this person. I find myself acting different with a girl I meet at a club versus the girl I meet through friends. Most of us, do not like to speak on our "wild and crazy days". We down play or hide our past sexual experiences.

Just a thought, but women have you used this technique on a guy?

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Re: Accidental anal leading to a love for anal?

Post by adventurista » Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:00 am

When I was 25 and dating my first wife, she was a virgin when we met (she was 23) from a Good Christian small town background. We starting having sex shortly after meeting and she was keen to learn, but had no idea really what is was all about. Shortly after our first time together we were having vaginal in doggy and I pulled out to move slightly and when I went to push back I must have missed and ended up in her ass. I think I wrote about this in a 'no-lube preference' post. Anyway, she froze for a second, and tensed up a bit, but never said anything. I realized it felt different right away but didn't have enough anal experience to know right away, I think she thought I had done it on purpose to show her something knew. But she quickly relaxed an after a minute I realized what I had done. She was fine with it but asked me to go slow...and we did. Since she couldn't take the pill for health reasons we quickly made anal our main event sex go to. She turned to love and was one of the rare girls who preferred no lube. So...yes, it does happen that way on rare occasions.

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Re: Accidental anal leading to a love for anal?

Post by Jess for anal » Fri Nov 06, 2020 1:14 pm

Unexpected entry really hurts and then your sphincter contracts causing deep pain, it’s never good to go this way if you want to continue with long term anal. Slow process is better for long term activity. Women need to be ready to enjoy it more freely. Forcing it will more than likely ruin it for her, praising her really helps

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