For women..... the best position to have orgasm

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For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by Analaddict2020 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:22 am

seeking more pleasure during anal sex , im asking what is the best position during anal sex that make the girl to have an orgasm

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by Buttwoman » Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:29 am

Good question.
I like sitting on top of a guy, facing him. I can really grind around and find just the right places. I also love sticking my ass in the air, knees by my boobs, with my face on a pillow.
I've been lucky, I was orgasmic from the very first time.
Of course, guaranteed instant, and multiple orgasms, stick a fist in there in any position. (Need emoji with hair standing on end!)

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by LuvMyWifesAss » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:32 pm

For certain, every woman is different. My wife used to like doggy (face down, ass up). Then she preferred cowgirl, facing me, as ButtWoman described. Then she preferred the spoons position. Then she preferred missionary, with her ass up on a wedge pillow. Most recently, she has preferred her ass hanging off the side of the bed with me standing, holding her legs in an almost pile driver position. She has always varied from session to session as to what she wants, from slow, rhythmic thrusts to hard, deep pounding.

There was a time when I think she would not have considered ass to mouth (not that I asked), but she willingly does it for her own pleasure now.

So, communication is key. She needs to be able to tell you what she wants. And you need to study her reactions to what you are doing to determine how much pleasure she is getting from it.

The amazing thing to me is that my wife thinks I am the greatest lover ever. However, she tells me (verbally and through her body language) what she wants at any given time to give her pleasure.

So, women, if you want your man to be the best lover you've ever had, don't be shy about telling him what you want.

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by Opus 54 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:06 am

A few thoughts:

1. I read once that the "easiest" position for an anal newbie was lying on her/his side, because the anal muscles are relaxed this way. The hardest and most painful position for first-time anal -- despite that this is the position almost everyone tries first! -- is from behind, because the curve of her/his legs below the butt is actually pulling the anal muscles tighter, the opposite of what you want for a newcomer.

2. That said, my personal experience is that my girl loves missionary anal most of all. The position of my cock hits her g-spot very easily that way, so she's very orgasmic. From behind (doggy style), she may have an orgasm or two, but nothing like the multiorgasmic experience she has during missionary anal.

3. All of this is predicated on her relaxation level. No relaxation = no anal orgasms. So she'll usually have a glass of wine or a cocktail, a warm bath, and we'll start with some good pussy fucking to rev up her engines and get her orgasms started. (I know, I know, don't judge me! :lol: ) Once her orgasms begin, they get easier and more frequent to achieve, so soon I can slide into her ass in missionary for a few dozen more orgasms before turning her over and finishing with one big final explosion from behind.

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by adventurista » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:07 pm

For us, we always start off in missionary. She uses a little vibrator on her clit while I enter slowly and in stages. As soon as I am past the two sphincters I pause for a bit. Generally, within about 3-4 minutes her first orgasm is approaching and she hands me the vibrator to turn off while she concentrates. After that, she will orgasm again about every 2-3 minutes as long as we keep going. Her ass gets really sensitive and we change from slow and gentle to hard and pounding right up to the point of orgasm, when she pulls me in as deep as I can go and then I stay still until her orgasm has passed. After a while we usually flip her over on her tummy, lying flat, legs together. She likes to squeeze me in this position, making it as tight as possible. I try to give her another couple of orgasms like this, but usually don't last too long as she squeezes me in.

She will take it doggy if we are doing the submissive thing (she likes to be collared and dominated), but usually finds it a bit painful due to the angle inside. We sometimes do side to side but it gets a little awkward if she wants it a bit harder.

I am pretty lucky to have found a girl that not only loves anal, but orgasms easily and is the one asking me for it every time have sex.

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by MrsCanassman » Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:07 am

I think the only way to find out what is working for a woman is to talk about what feels good. Some women don't have orgasms from just being fucked (ass or pussy). I've heard of women who couldn't cum with anything inside either holes - only by clit stimulation. So, explore all positions and include toys and hopefully you will discover the perfect combination to give her total ass satisfaction. :)

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by MissChief » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:32 pm

Depends! I think any position where you can squeeze your thighs together can help give a lot more friction for certain nerve endings, like spooning.

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by minorkeyes » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:49 am

For me, reverse cowgirl anal brings the best orgasms if a man is fucking me. I can control the speed, depth and motion from that position best of all from the reverse cowgirl setting. Otherwise, slightly bent over something is also very good for anal with men- like slightly bent over a chair back or propped up on the headboard. That way a man can go very deep and (hopefully) hard and it feels better than being totally bent over doggystyle.

With women, flat on my back with my knees up & bent so my whole vagina and anus are 'open' or exposed. Super orgasms one right after the other. This is my preferred sexual position in general; especially if I have some support to keep my legs aloft via ropes or ties. The deepest and best penetration is possible in this way and it totally relaxes me so I only have to concentrate on orgasm/sensation. The drawback is you are at the mercy of the speed and power of the people screwing you in this position. Which can go from 'amazing' to 'are you even doing anything?' rather quickly with male partners in a way reverse cowgirl anal solves easily.

Vaginal sex, eh. I guess the position I described above is the best of vaginal orgasm for me. Usually fisting my vag in that position is very effective- it is probably the most effective way for me to orgasm vaginally. Typically only reach orgasm via vaginal use because someone is doing other stuff to me on the way there.

However, just straight up using my pussy?

I guess, if a man is screwing me, regular cowgirl is best for the vag. With a woman, flat on my back, knees up as deep as she can get. I am more into stretching/dilation than penetration in my vagina. My vagina is kinda not the pathway to orgasms for me.

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Re: For women..... the best position to have orgasm

Post by Colt1911 » Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:47 am

For my wife, missionary with her knees pulled back and me standing produces her strongest anal orgasms. We go to the corner of the bed (it’s at exactly the right height) and her ass hangs over so I can easily penetrate full depth. I believe it’s an angle that allows my cock to stimulate the clitoral legs that encircle her vagina. If I change the angle of penetration, it can increase her arousal. The best part of this position is I get to watch the look of pleasure on her face and when she cums. Every now and then she’ll squirt, and when her juices flow towards her ass and provide additional lubrication, it’ll send me over the age for an explosive orgasm. When that happens, I’ll lick the cum out of her gape and share the juices in a cum kiss. Why would anyone not like anal sex?

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