AO dating is impossible

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Re: AO dating is impossible

Post by raisahaque » Thu Dec 24, 2020 10:27 pm

I m a 22 year old female. Here, I see some people are telling about their failed experience in getting an AO partner/master/slave!. But blv me, if I say about my experience I have never had any difficulties in finding my master. Actually, I didn't even have to find. I was approached. I think, AO lifestyle (I am speaking only for girls) depends on the appearance a lot. In my high school, I was really known for my ass.. It's not like that I am not beautiful or sexy. I am a lil bit beautiful and sexy, I guess. As men told me, I have a really curvy figure. So, I guess u can count me as pretty. Back to point, when i was having my first sex, my bf literally wanted to put it in my ass before my pussy. Boys in my high school thought that I sleep with dicks in my ass..hahah.. that's so silly..but u know why they thought that? coz i have a booty worth licking the shit out of it. i am not saying that you need to have a big booty. I am saying that u need to flaunt your ass more often to get ur ass noticed. Hope, you find it helpful, gracie❤️❤️
An anal slut never keeps her ass empty :mrgreen:

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Re: AO dating is impossible

Post by AssKing » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:03 am

I believe there's a difference between dating and a relationship.
Just think about that.

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