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General discussion of the anal only lifestyle. If it doesn't fit elsewhere or isn't a personal comment or question, it probably goes here.
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Anal only blog

Post by Cruz » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:48 pm

About 5 years ago when i first found out anal only blog there was only that blog who had this fantastic idea and a unique way of presenting anal only thru gifs and pics. Those days i can remember half of the people including men posted commets as this is stupid. And now it's so amazing to see that almost everyone is in the anal boat and even those who hasn't try always say i wanna do it how should i. It's a great work that you guys have done in the last year and now there are so many anal only sites blogs out there who adore anal only sex. And most people actually trying anal more than before and ended up loving it.

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Re: Anal only blog

Post by analsexonly » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:00 am

Thank you. Anal sex in general and the anal only lifestyle have both grown significantly in popularity in the past few years. There is still a long way to go towards mass adoption, but we're moving in that direction. All you really have to do is get the idea in people's minds and have them think about it positively or out of curiosity, and provide a good guide for how to experience it safely and pleasurably, and it speaks for itself after that.

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