Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

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Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

Post by elementary28 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:14 am

So, I've seen this idea thrown around sometimes here (long time lurker, hi!) and I was arguing with myself if such a dating app needs to exist.
I'm a professional programmer and setting things up wouldn't be a big deal.

But wouldn't such a place be dominated by men? All dating apps seem to be heavily biased towards men and I'm afraid the ration would be very unbalanced. Maybe AO should just be an option but it should be just focused on anal instead?

There seem to be some anal dating sites around but they all seem to redirect to existing sex ads or just feel empty or even fake/scummy.

I'd launch a clean site, no ads, no scammy payments, just straightforward profiles with fake check.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

Post by analsexonly » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:40 am

No, it would be a disaster.

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Re: Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

Post by LibertineReprobate » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:02 pm

Something like that *might* work if you were to build it like a hybrid between and In other words, have new members fill out something like one of those kink checklists which asks about all kinds of kinky play, scenarios, toys, sex acts, and fetishes—and has the person rank each kink on a scale that usually looks something like:
1 “no way / hard limit”
2 “Not interested in it / soft limit”
3 “I’m curious about it but never tried it”
4 “neutral: I’ve done it before / I would do it if my partner wanted or needed it”
5 “I like it”
6 “I love it/ need this to feel sexually fulfilled” —
(the aim of those worksheets is to put play partners on the same page and keep from going beyond what both partners are consenting to.

“Anal only” could be one of many questions asked, and the backend algorithm would only match people fitting their sexual orientation and in line with each other’s kinks/fetishes/interests.

The only way this would work, though, is if you had some method of verifying members that still respected a reasonable level of privacy and was secure.

Fetlife is overtly NOT a personals site where people go to find a partner—it’s more like a Facebook of kinksters...and most of the dating / hookup sites for kink (eg, colarspace) are awash with bots, catfish, and prostitutes, such that finding a partner who matches your interests is easier done by slowly getting to know other kinksters in the local scene and happening upon someone who is also into what you’re into, and is also looking for a partner. would likely be a pretty big undertaking to build all that beep-boop on the backend—at least as far as I think I understand multivariate coding for human sexual matchmaking— while also making certain your practice/process of vetting and verifying users strikes the Goldilocks balance between fair, non-invasive, thorough, secure, private, and...sane.

...‘Cause you’re gonna get a variety of decent, eligible singles making use of your service...but you’d also get a lot of crazy people —looking to act out their craziness upon your member base— beating down the doors on a dating site like that.

Oh, and lawyer up—cause you WILL get sued by users...and if you accidently manage to let someone slip through the vetting process who is engaging in prostitution or “Sex trafficking” and is using your site to conduct business without your knowledge...that’s now a federal crime with prison time due to the FOSTA bill that became law in April this year in the US. (It’s the reason craigslist removed all their personals ad sections)

So...uh...damn. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Re: Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

Post by gromm » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:56 pm

Holy shit LibertineReprobate, you so totally nailed that answer, said everything I was going to, and did a better job of it.

Yeah, literally getting out of the house and hanging out in sex-positive spaces works far better than even Grindr, which is supposedly notorious for allowing people to hook up at breathtaking speed, yet which personally I've had absolutely no luck with.

So... all dating sites suck. Even the best of them are far worse than just getting out and making friends.

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Re: Do you think an anal (only) dating app/site is worth a shot?

Post by svkandy » Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:56 am

Your thought is good. I suggest you make a poll to have a check first. Then decide to build a dating app /site or not.

Another question is how you can make anal dating user trust your new website?
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