Tumblr Banning All Adult Content December 17

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Tumblr Banning All Adult Content December 17

Post by analsexonly » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:50 am

The day has finally come: Tumblr has changed their terms of service to ban all adult content. This means that the anal only blogs that this community spawned out of will be removed in the coming weeks. We've exported a fully copy of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog and will be working to recreate a self-hosted mirror of that blog in order to preserve all the discussion, advice and shared articles there. The porn blogs, however, will likely no longer continue unless a suitable platform is discovered for them to be reestablished on. I am in the process of backing them all up as well, but they are very large and hosting large amounts of media content is a lot harder than a text-based blog.

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