What sent you down the anal path

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Re: What sent you down the anal path

Post by FMF » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:17 pm

From my intro:

"George was the first guy to ever bugger me, i didn't even know the term back in the first part of my sexual life. We were young and in school and had our whole lives ahead of us and we had lots of fun together. We didn't think that we were doing anything "wrong' but we weren't ready to announce our relationship to the world either. People would have THEIR plans for us . We already had OURS.

"At night we would spoon and that evolved into George slipping himself between my clothed thighs to masturbate himself. Then I took off my pants and we did it bare but still outside and that evolved into anal because it was fun and it was safe. So i was AO (well we did everything but PiV) with George."

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Growing up my aunt (my mom's younger sister) was someone that I had a really great rapport with. I could talk to her about absolutely anything, she knew people, knew how they would react and was willing to share her experience and suggestions with me. But being that she wasn't "responsible" for me the way my mother was, I was less inhibited about discussing things (like sex) with her.

She told me how much she enjoyed getting reamed, and in time I came to experience the things she told me abut for myself and I fully understood. I'm not submissive outside the bedroom-- or the living room, or backyard, if that's where we are having sex-- but the act of surrender to someone you know, trust, and love (someone who feels the same for you) is delicious. Its having a wonderful dinner at a great restaurant where someone else does all the work, you just enjoy it.

When you surrender you can just turn your overworked brain off. Stop being a "superior" modern human and be like our animalistic ancestors driven by emotion rather than reason. Taking it up the butt is longer and deeper and more powerful when it comes, and s a bonus you can throw away those synthetic hormones that make you feel like crap pushing your highs higher and your lows lower.

Mother nature put a fairly price on our (a girl's) "super power." We get to create life, and without that gift everything stops. But in the process we as individuals stop for a while, sometimes for a good long while. Through our own submission we (girl's) can control our destiny. We can make ourselves and our men happy or we can all be miserable. We can give them our love and our butts and control the important decisions about our bodies and our relationships.


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