What does anal feel like for the giver?

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What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Hulu7632 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:25 pm

I read somewhere that it felt like a water bottle in that there is alot of initial tightness at the base of the penis, but not at the head. If this is true, do you not feel sensation at the tip? If there is no stimulation at the tip of the penis that would make you last longer right?

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Zombawa » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:27 pm


So far, I have experienced two differents senstations:
- with some girls, then main stimulation on the tip of your dick is when you enter her anus. The anal canal offers lots of friction and stimulation.
Once inside her, it's like to be in a very large empty room!! Only the shaft of your dick is getting direct stimulation.
You have to almost exit her to every stroke to get your dick head stimulated. Not all girls will like the feeling of you entering/exiting at each stroke.
Penetration will not be very deep though, unless you want to make it so. Difficult to go full speed when you need to control the exit move in order to stay within her just before total exit.
- with some other girls, once you have passed the anal canal, the tip of your dick will enter in contact with the rectum walls, like in a vagina. There the sensations are a total bliss, you can go ball deep and feel your partner all the way in and out. You can go full speed as well and keep the feeling.
The friction is also stronger than in a vagina, even if you put lots of lube. No lubricant can match the vagina moisture and softness.
I guess the second 'type" of anus is what makes guy crazy about anal. :P

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by adventurista » Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:49 pm

Hmm...good question. It is definitely true that the entry past the sphincter is amazing...so tight! But inside I find it is very warm...warmer than a vagina. Depending on your position and angle, you can find open space inside, but if you want more contact, just change positions. Because I am 7 inches, I have also found that once relaxed, an ass can take all of me much easier since the average vagina is only about 5 inches deep and many women find pounding against their cervix uncomfortable. All in all, from a givers perspective, anal is my absolute preference.

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by bsibs » Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:19 pm

I've been doing anal for a very long time as a giver. The rectum is warmer, and the sphincter is tighter than the front door. Position can change sensation, as I find positions like pronebone further create sensations in the whole groin area. Further, this may be a turn off to some or lots of anal players, but if the receiver has some fecal matter in their rectum, that intensifies the sensations many times. I have gone as long as an hour, but some extra "friends back there, 5 minutes is it.

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by SydneyAussie » Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:13 am

In a word amazing, however you'd like a more detailed description.

Anal is different to vaginal and oral.

Initially entering into the anus, it is extremely tight, when I enter I push through the "entry" and then there's a "pop" after a few inches and my penis slides in. Wow!!! Great sensation. Then I pause then slowly go deeper and wait about 10 to 20 seconds. This gives my wife time to accomodate to my penis. I always go full entry spreading her bum slowly she pushing back until the full length of my penis is inside her. Again we pause here... almost always we start in doggy position and I'd say doggy is the best for anal overall for a number of reasons. Though recently my wife loves missionary with her legs over my shoulders or legs spread wide apart. She loves me grabbing her bum and spreading her cheeks especially when going deep. She gets super horny and talks dirty egging me to go harder, wild stuff... (back to the question)

During doggy it is the most variable for me because as my wife orgasms she squeezes and the entire first few inches clamp up on my penis and she has waves of anal contractions. I can literally feel with my penis my wife's orgasm, it is AMAZING!!! I love those waves of squeezes, each stroke is incredibly enjoyable unlike the vagina where there is typically little variation for the majority of the time and sometimes there is a there can be squeezes but nowhere near as enjoyable.

So it does depend of the woman. Each woman is different but I've found a woman's ass when enjoyed properly is always better 100 times than her vagina.

The vagina squeeze is typically central in the vagina and the majority occurs press down like a hook rather than around the shaft of the penis like during anal. For me the sensation of anal is ecstasy and never feels uncomfortable, the vagina can feel uncomfortable with certain positions. And like I said each anal stroke is amazing.

Also each position is different. I find the squeezes most enjoyable during doggy because there's so much control and variety. For example full withdrawal pausing for a second then a full deep entry until my balls slap her vagina and repeating. The withdrawal for a second allows for a degree of closure especially is she squeezes... Maximum stimulation over the entire shaft of the penis. There is nothing else like it. Also I love the sensation of going balls deeps and the feeling of tightness at the base of my penis. Again nothing else can give you that complete satisfaction, tip to base.

There's so much more... fast, slow, deep, short strokes vs. long strokes. I love full strokes especially and going super deep whilst spreading her bum... she goes wild over that.

When in missionary I find anal not as tight her anal contractions to be less because of the position and the pressure of gravity as well. Still amazing though but doggy so far is the best for sensation.

I like missionary because I can see her face and kiss her, it's nice and so hot to see her face as she convulses when orgasming.

Although what I've said here is limited. Sex is probably the greatest pleasure someone can experience and anal 100x better than vaginal for me and oral sex I literally can't ejaculate to. Anal sex is the greatest pleasure in life and I love lots of things... just anal sex with a woman tops the list.
True Happiness is a being with a Woman who is Anal Only

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Colt1911 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:24 pm

No surprise responses say the feeling for the giver is incredible, but for me it is an encircling feeling. I feel the tightness the entire length of my cock as i penetrate her. Different positions do produce different feelings. My wife will moan “good angle” when she’s in missionary and I angle the head of my cock towards her vagina. I feel the head of my cock touch her uterus. The clit actually circles to the back of the uterus where anal sex can stimulate the inner clit.

My wife loves her strong, anal orgasms. Each of her orgasms turns me on until I explode deep in her ass. My preference is to orgasm balls deep while I thrust against her. Lengthy anal sessions do loosen her sphincter up a little, but never enough to diminish the most erotic sex ever. We occasionally have vaginal sex, but it always leads to, and finishes with, anal. Her anal orgasms put her g-spot and clitoral orgasms to shame.

That would be an interesting question for the forum... what is the favorite position of giver’s cock in receiver’s ass when orgasming? I feel like I have to go as deep as possible. Yesterday I had an incredibly long orgasm deep in her ass. Every now and then she squirts during anal. She did yesterday. I couldn’t take it and exploded. Anal sex is incredible.

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by FMF » Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:29 am

I have written about why I enjoy anal many places on this site. And I have had thousands of conversations with my lovers about what we all enjoy...

That's the thing, what you and your lovers enjoy... discuss it. Nothing else matters.


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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by AnalJay » Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:58 am

It feels fantastic. Yes the sphincter muscles are a great stimulation and I actually like the 'open room' feeling beyond. But then my head gets a second stimulation as it passes into the colon - its an added treat for going in deep. Sometimes, if there is a poo in the rectum, my cock will slide along side it if it is a firm one and that is an awesome sensation as it rubs the side of my shaft and other times there may be soft stool in there that my head plunges into, I love the warm feeling as that soft facies envelopes my head and shaft. This also alters the friction like a very thick sticky lube. Another time a firm thick turd that is not soft enough for me to plunge into and too wide to slide along side will try to stop me short, but I slowly work it back with slightly deeper and deeper strokes, easing it back the way it came and loving those deep moans as my wife feels her bowel movement go into revers as I make room for my cock. Once I have cleared the way, the hard fucking can begin. I like to feel my skin go tight as I go balls deep with all the slack taken up as I thrust in, in fact I snapped my frenulum many years ago having hard sex. It never grew back so my foreskin is rolled back almost all the time, as there is nothing to keep pulling it back down, even though I am uncut, it sort of trained itself to stay back, well I helped it actually. Was super sensitive at first, but now it has much less sensitivity, which is great as I can have sex for longer. Most of the time sex is clean, I take t as it comes, as they say. The anus is just designed so perfectly for recreational sex. )*(

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Germanik » Sat Sep 18, 2021 5:51 am

Depends entirely on the girl, IMO. It’s always tight at the entrance, but in my experience the more petite the girl is the tighter it will be all the way through the rectum. While the bigger the girl is the more open it is one you are past the sphincter. So for me, the smaller the girl, the better the feel. It’s comparable to a vagina if she’s small, albeit warmer.

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by ayushiest » Thu Sep 30, 2021 5:11 pm

As a man on the receiving end, it feels amazing. A lot of guys can orgasm from the prostate stimulation alone.

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