What does anal feel like for the giver?

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by roshnikhanna » Thu Nov 11, 2021 3:59 am

Anal penetration is going to feel different for everyone. Some people say that bottoming can be a pleasurable, out-of-body experience, and that it gets better every time.

The Rumpire
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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by The Rumpire » Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:08 pm

Incredible, the entry is amazing I love to just pop it in and out and continually do that while my penis sensations gets better and better and better its like having your penis tickled in the best way ever the feeling on the knob at the entry is astounding and really puts the vagina to shame.

Vaginas are so boring in comparison coming from a strong religious background growing up I had craved sex for most my life till I found my missus around when I was 26 by then I'd left religion and it was outta my life so I'd alot of sexual issues and had suppressed it all for so long then after so long I finally had sex, when I stuck it into thrust I was so disappointed and underwhelmed yes it got better and became good but its rarely mind blowing.

As for anal that's a different story sometimes it's so good it literally leaves you short for breath and lost for words, anal to me feels exactly what you expect sex should be, completely mind blowing.

My missus is the more petite variety but still has her curves in the right place and has one them very fuck able shapely round ass and it just feels so tight and amazing round my cock as I've said I love to take it in and out for a good amount of the session, once I'm feeling incredible down below I love to head in harder and deeper and feel it all around, gripping my whole girth till I'm totally balls deep in her ass, then I will blow my big load in her and pull out and watch the cum drip out and admire my nights work and feel proud of myself.
It's amazing to be able to have a woman allow you the privilege to dominate her in bed in this way, very sexy.

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