Who showed you anal if you didn’t know about it.

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Who showed you anal if you didn’t know about it.

Post by Spiller2006 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:16 am

Been on the forum just read like normal. Then I realised a pattern that kinda made me feel left out. Lol. I notice the majority of women have been introduced to anal by men. But for me I was introduced to anal by a female. I was around 18 when she slip it in her ass in the dark. I only realised at the end but it felt amazing. Before that putting my dick in a girls ass was inconceivable never crossed my mind.

So how many guys have had the girl be the first person to introduce you to anal.

And ladies how many guys have you introduced to anal. Or is it just a given that guys are into it/know about it.

Because since that first experience most of the women came across like they were kinda expecting it?
Especially when spooning. after my first time I was still a little unsure about it so all the anal between 18 and 22 I would say was female instigated it was never something I would request. So what do you all think?
Was my circumstances normal?

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