Love for anal and the pudendal nerve

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Love for anal and the pudendal nerve

Post by amaizeg » Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:47 am

I have read and heard many opinions from women (and gay men) about anal sex. I have also experienced quite a share of sexual encounters of the kind that involved women. One thing that I gather from my limited "study" of the subject is, that there are some who - if they let go of society's imposed biases - simply do not find any enjoyment in anal sex, while others are really into it and some get completely hooked.

In the course of my "studies" I have come across mention of the pudendal nerve ( Women who really love anal told me that getting fucked in the ass is something they can feel all the way up their spine and all the way down to the tip of their clit. This makes me wonder whether some women are just "built differently" in such a way that their pudendal nerve runs closer to the anus and rectum, and those who don't get much joy from anal do not feel the same level of stimulation because their pudendal nerve runs along a slightly different path; less close to the anal region.

Have any of you ever encountered a woman (or a guy for that matter) who really wanted to enjoy anal but just couldn't? Someone where you are sure it wasn't a psychological thing, but they simply didn't "feel it"?

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Re: Love for anal and the pudendal nerve

Post by FarmerDan » Fri Oct 02, 2020 11:18 am

That's an interesting idea. I'm sure physical differences contribute to anal enjoyment.
However after doing a similar amount of diligent research (tough, but somebody has to do it, right?) I reckon mental and emotional factors play a bigger part.
I've had a couple of partners who had quite good anal on the first date but just couldn't get there the next time. In between they had a crisis of confidence, couldn't believe it had happened. I'm one case that was the end of the relationship.
For best results (except for the rare few seeking pain) the receiver has to be physically and emotionally very open. And then the sort of 'whole body' sensations you describe occur.
The journey to that point is half the fun!
It's a lifestyle folks not a 2 minute sprint

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