What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

General discussion of the anal only lifestyle. If it doesn't fit elsewhere or isn't a personal comment or question, it probably goes here.
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What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by marcus » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:12 pm

Now I understand for want of a better word that "lifestyle" is used here for us who are AO. But personally, I don't find it accurately describes me. "Lifestyle" to me implies a choice, something considered and voluntary. In my case I "choose" AO because I'm not in the least attracted to vaginal sex. I'm not really capable of being aroused by either the thought of it or engaging in it.

What do others think?

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by amorous945 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:16 am

I don't think I'm going to be much help here, because I'm not sure exactly how or if the AO lifestyle fits me, strictly speaking. I guess I've just never really thought about it or even needed a definition. I do prefer anal sex over vaginal sex, but I can be aroused by and enjoy vaginal sex to a point. Vaginal penetration has become more and more of a rarity with us these days, but when it does occur it is more in the realm of foreplay, not the "main event." I will admit that it would be very difficult for me to be in a long term relationship with a woman that didn't include anal sex as a natural, frequent aspect of our sex lives. Whether or not this desire/need is simply a choice is hard for me to say. My first sexual experiences as a teenager were bisexual in nature, so the first sensations my penis experienced where those of a warm, tight anus. Whatever pleasure signals were registered in my brain at that time isn't possible for me to know, but I do know that since that time, in "my mind," I see the anus as genitalia. Whatever the case, I suppose that I've come way too far to ever go back to what the majority of world sees as "normal" sex. I guess when it comes right down to it, I don't really see myself as being in a "lifestyle." When it comes to penetrative sex, the anus is the preferred route for me, and one that "seems" to be necessary for me for overfall sexual satisfaction. Personally speaking, it's not really a choice for me, as far as how anal sex translates out in my normal, day to day experience. Whenever my wife and I have sexual intercourse, very seldom do I ever think twice about where my penis is going. 99% of the time I'm going straight for her anus, so I'm not really making a choice per se.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by taylork » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:37 pm

Its not a lifestyle because i always wanted anal rather than vaginal since i can remember and now my gf also agrees its better. Its not like a club or something, or a thing we could now be in or out of. But it doesn't really matter to me what the forums are called as long as we have this place.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by Robert » Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:05 pm

It's an umbrella term isn't it? All of us, either by nature or choice, either are or want to be anal only. We've decided to give up vaginal sex because for X reason it doesn't meet our needs and we agree that anal is better. That's a lifestyle and I'm not ashamed to say I want to be a part of it.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by salpecam » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:52 am

I think the question of how you became AO is important in whether it is a "lifetstyle". My first sex was anal, and it was some time before my first ladyfriend allowed anything else; by that time I was "programmed". To me, it is simply the orifice where the cock is supposed to go, just as the mouth is where the food goes.

As such it isn't a lifestyle choice, it is an orientation (now). I can't even discern whether i was born with a natural inclination to anal, because i never had the chance to be non-anal as a sexual person.

I go into a vagina on occasion, but sometimes more by mistake than intention. It isn't a lifestyle, it's who i am.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by HalfHeart » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:44 pm

It's a sexual preference. A big one, but ultimately that and nothing more. A lifestyle implies something... broader, more encompassing, I think.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by KeepItReal » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:22 pm

Personally, I still love pussy, but mainly to lick and finger and play with the clit - however when it's time for my dick to join in... I'm heading straight for the Ass!

I think the name "Anal Enthusiasts" would attract more people as most guys would not want to give up pussy completely, even if like me, they prefer to have penetrative sex through the backdoor.
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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by Rimmer » Mon Apr 25, 2022 3:10 am

I am not AO at the moment though I used to be - pretty much. I love pussy but as another said, when it's time to penetrate I tend to head for the ass. I enjoy vaginal sex, but my mind wants my cock to be inside an anus - I do like going ass to pussy thought, I like the freedom.
As far as 'lifestyle' goes, we have a LOT of anal fun. I like to be pegged n stuff so we use each others asses. Lifestyle I think refers to the act reaching beyond the bedroom, in that, for instance, if you go to work in the morning and have to remember to sit down gently because your ass has been hammered. Or your ass has trained itself to be self lubricating over the years and you have to make sure, just like a moist pussy, that you are not going to leave a visible wet stain in your pants. Or maybe you wear a butt plug out and about or a chastity device on your penis or labia (not personally into chastity gear) Maybe, as mentioned elsewhere, you like to keep your partners ass scent on your cock through the day - anything where the love of anal sex seeps into your daily life when you are not actually having sex - that would be a lifestyle. I guess I am currently an anal enthusiast, rather than AO. Like being a motorcycle enthusiast, but you still drive a car. However AO can be a huge turn on and challenge and an interesting and exciting stimulant in a relationship, even working up asking the question and making the decision and how that conversation even gets started. But yes, our sex life, and largely due to the amount of anal we have, be it with toys, fingers, hands, my cock, whatever, our sex life affects our daily life somewhat - so I guess that is a life style :D

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by Ozzy » Tue May 03, 2022 6:28 pm

For me, it's as much of a lifestyle as being gay is a lifestyle. I think the term "lifestyle" implies that it is something vicious, something you do because you're some kind of excentric pervert. In reality, I didn't choose this "lifestyle", it chose me. And I tried lots of things (nofap, religion, etc) to "normalize" my sexuality, all in vain, but in recent years I've said..... Well, that's it.... That's who I am. Any woman who approaches me with the intention of having a relationship will know about this in a conversation before we reach the bedroom. If she decides that it's not what she wants, then I'll just let her go. She wasn't supposed to be mine anyway.

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Re: What do you think to "lifestyle" as a description?

Post by Backdoorlover » Tue May 03, 2022 9:58 pm

Before finding this forum, my dream was to be exclusively anal with a woman, so just go for the asshole whenever there was sex involved. To me that term still has the nicer ring to it. The lifestyle term isn’t well chosen cause it implies too much imo.

I love to see us as anal exclusive couple. And simply because we want to. Because we don’t feel any need for vaginal penetration anymore. I loved ass to pussy for a short time. But now I don’t even miss that, even knowing she will never mind me switching to her pussy.

Maybe the correct descripion would be ass to mouth couple, cause atm is always possible for my girlfriend. Just the other day we had this amazing long assfuck, and after my orgasm I pulled out, lay on my back and she licked the spilled sperm from my cock saying “I always wanted to do this”. Next she cleaned my cock with her mouth. It’s the nicest thing she could do for me. I love it so much.

Lifestyle no. Choice yes. But as a name for the forum it has a nice ring to it.
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