Most perverted/interesting fantasies

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Re: Most perverted/interesting fantasies

Post by Diomedes050465 » Wed Jan 05, 2022 3:00 am

I want to find myself in a trusting environment with 3, or 4, or maybe 5 guys. Of course I would need a safe word, but I like the idea that they could use me in any way they like, pushing me to new experiences that please them. I want to know that they will tell me I'm a filthy whore, their cum dumpster, and there just to please them. I want to be chocked, finger fucked REALLY rough, nipples pinched and twisted. I want to have all my wholes stuffed and stretched...sometimes by fingers or a cock...maybe two cocks in one whole??? Maybe my wholes filled with something else that pleases them...its not really up to me. I want to be cummed on and in. I want my body to be so used and abused that all my holes are red, swollen, and gaping wide open. I want to be sweaty...make up running down my face, skin sticky on every surface from my own drool, and cum from their cocks, ass juice...god only knows what. I want a throat so sore from choking on cocks that I can barely moan when a cock is shoved deep inside my ass again. And I want to go so long and so hard that all of my spankings start to show whelps and a few bruises, that my skins is sensitive from being touched by so many hands, that my legs and arms can barely hold my body up anymore so they take turns tossing me on my back or sides and pulling my legs up and open so that they can have their way with me until they can't get it up anymore and so that every time I take a new position cum is dripping out of my ass hole and my juicy pussy.
Just me???

Getting the men that you can trust isn't easy but, if you could, would you go through with it? There certainly wouldn't be any shortage of male volunteers for this but, even if you could trust them, would you go through with it?

Always remember though - you certainly do not want to die thinking 'I wonder if....' :D

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Re: Most perverted/interesting fantasies

Post by MirandaPolly » Fri Jan 07, 2022 12:35 am

I have a few fantasies, one of which is having sex with several women at the same time and doing things in such a way: When I fuck my ass, I always have at least three or four beautiful ass in front of me. Last year I felt this fantasy was out of reach, but this year I was satisfied! I bought a lot of realistic butts to satisfy my fantasy!

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