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Anal sex in a Femdom context

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:00 am
by VirginBoy94
Hi everyone. Im new in this community but always had a deep fetish for anal sex. Since my first contac with pornography i always found vaginal pemetration disgusting. I found the vulva lips so beautiful, and the idea of somethint sticking there were like an agression against the female organ. Since i was 13 when saw first porns videos, i find vaginal insertions disgusting, looks violence against feminnity... when i saw a girl's pussy i wish to fondle it, to kiss it, or even to suck it, but never stick nothing in there... that would be like to destroy the purity of the pussy. I begun to hate vaginal. Only desire to do cunnilingus. For penetration, the girl's anus would be perfect. And i grown up considering only anal sex as a penetrative relation.

When was 15y, i discovered bdsm themes, and find dommes very atractive, powerfull, strong and dominant women started to became my type of ideal woman but its hard to find some conexion between the dominant behaviour of a woman and the idea of this woman be pemetrated in the anus... since the majority of anal porn shows women being humiliated and degraded, and i always hated this. What turns me on is to see the woman beating men. Because of this, for a while i thought anal sex would be off limits to the type of relationship i look for. Anal sex is for humiliate the woman, according to porn. Seems that for a woman to desire anal sex she needs to be submisive in man's place. I never see anal in a femdom context, with woman being the top and forcing the man to satisfy her desire for anal. This pushed me away to the fetish for anal. I even imagine a situation where cunnilingus would be the only way to have sex, because i ultimatelly refuse to stick anything in a girl's vagina, this looks so wrong for me. What makes me hard is superior dominant female, and also to have only anal with her.

Now im 24y, and im still virgin, but i imagine how would be to have a bdsm relationship with a dominant woman and having anal sex with her. How would be an anal only femdom couple, would it be possible? Why anal is so associated with female humiliation?!? This bothered me so much. For years this put me in a mental conflict between my desire for superior women, and desire for anal... why these things cant coexist!? Can a woman do anal sex humiliating the man instead?