Clit/Penis orgasms after long periods of Anal Only

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Clit/Penis orgasms after long periods of Anal Only

Post by clouds » Tue Oct 05, 2021 4:43 am

Hello there!

I was curious about your experiences with going back to having "regular" orgasms after being anal only for a long time. By anal orgasm I mean specifically orgasms where you don't use your clit/penis for stimulation and by "regular" I mean an orgasm where you don't involve your ass at all. Just for comparison's sake! I know a lot of people (my GF and I included) often combine the two and that's great. So I'm interested in how you compare the two sensations? Which is harder to reach for you? How do you feel after? Which is more intense? Do you miss stimulation on your ass/front when you only stimulate the front or vice versa? Etc. (might also be interesting to know if you're a woman or man)

Reason for asking:
So, for the past month I was basically anal only as an experiment. Meaning I would only masturbate anally (which I do anyway), but also I wasn't using my penis at the same time or when we had sex together. Once or twice my girlfriend put a few condoms on it to reduce sensation so she could use me as a dildo and she teased me a little from time to time but that's it. Meanwhile the pleasure I got from anal skyrocketed... After a while I would come quickly, very intense and multiple times (often only with precum, but sometimes also regular cum) and I also noticed that my general mood improved a lot, I had more energy. Of course, I was also very horny sometimes, for me, cuming from anal (with or without ejaculation) reduces libido for a shorter time. But I can definitely recommend trying it, I honestly never enjoyed my sex life more than during that period ( btw: the other reason for doing it was to help my brain further recover from porn-masturbation-orgasm addiction).
-->Long story short, last weekend I had my first "regular" orgasm again. My partner totally enjoyed that month, pegging me etc. but was also very much looking forward to having her ass filled with cum again and that's exactly what we did. No anal stimulation at all. It felt ok, but I didn't come as quickly as I thought I would after that long time :D and the orgasm itself felt great. Typical short and intense. Shortly afterwards though, I totally crashed. I felt empty and even depressed. Quick research showed that that's a common phenomenon called Post Coital Dysphoria, but I never had it that intense. Took me almost 12 hours to recover. Since then I also had anal orgasms again (also combined) and there that crash is totally absent which made me curious. Have some of you experienced something similar?

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Re: Clit/Penis orgasms after long periods of Anal Only

Post by AnalJay » Tue Oct 05, 2021 6:02 am

We’ve not tried strictly no cock/clit stimulation; but I do find that after orgasms brought on by anal sex, either from me penetrating my wife’s anus or from her pegging/fisting/riming me, I am mentally (libido wise) up and ready for action after a little while. But after cumming in her pussy, which is great, I do have a short term loss of libido that I don’t have when our asses have been included. I’ve presumed this to be psychological and the reason I find myself on this forum, I guess. Interesting though, the notion that an anal stimulation only orgasm could have a different psychological, physiological and/or neurological effect on libido.

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