A question for the givers

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Re: A question for the givers

Post by Backdoorlover » Thu Dec 23, 2021 12:54 pm

My first wife was an anal virgin. It felt special being the one who used her ass for the first time. But she never could really give her ass a 100%. She tried so hard. But it just never worked very well.

But many years later, after the divorce, my then girlfriend already had her ass fucked by her ex. So fucking her was so easy. She took my cock as well in her ass as she did in her pussy. And to be honest, I preferred it over a virgin ass.

My current girlfriend also had plenty of anal sex with her ex and loves having her ass fucked. We do it every day. She so great to assfuck. Even takes me in without lube if I want to. Have really long anal sessions with her and she just never stops moaning. I love it.

Anal virginity is not a plus in my experience.
Anal only since 22 december 2021. Living a long time dream

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