The best toy for women to start AO lifestyle

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The best toy for women to start AO lifestyle

Post by Lark » Thu Feb 16, 2023 3:22 pm

Hello! Me and love of my life wants to have sex in all different ways, butt,,,

She needs to stimulate her flower to relax, because I think I am a little bit big down there and she is so little.
I wanted to try some toys so she dont have to touch herself, but all the toys distract us from connecting to each other or even sometimes the toy is to much and she have vaginal orgasm so quick that she can't stand me pounding her back afterwards.
I really want to find a perfect solution that makes her comfy and she will even not to have touch herself, so we can hug tight and be closer.
I was thinking about design something like underwear or maybe it already exist?

Love you guys and I wish you all the the balls deep asshole :roll:

Sending greetings from Europe,
Lark xxx

ps. Please help

ps2. I want to live in her ass

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