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Post by Samantha32 » Wed Mar 29, 2023 9:04 am

I am a 32-year-old married woman, I have been married for 3 years, 1 year ago I started having anal sex with my husband and anal sex improved our marriage, he had already asked me for anal sex before but I was not interested, it seemed dirty, that he penis came out full of poop, I'm not so interested in my pleasure, I like giving pleasure to my husband more, I've always liked to please my husband, I always suck his cock and swallow his semen, but I hadn't taken the step to have anal sex , our married life was good because we love each other, but sometimes we argued a lot about different situations and we fought because he was a little stingy with money, I am not a girl who is only interested in his money, I love him but I wanted some necessary things For our house, I have always asked him to buy me some tits because I want to look very sexy for me and for him, he told me that it was a good idea but it never happened, he said that he really liked anal sex and seeing anal porn, I wanted us to have anal sex that what I wanted to discover new adventures and try new things with me, I liked how he asked me and I think he was right I also wanted to experience different things and I lose nothing by trying anal sex, so I gave anal sex a chance, we started having anal sex With a lot of lube, I realized that if I evacuate a few hours before or a while before having anal sex, the penis comes out clean so everything is fine, so I will get through the days having anal sex and I realized that he felt a lot of sexual desires for He wants me more than before and he always tells me how much he loves me, he has always told me but now more, when he is not working we go out more, we go to dinner, we go to the bar, we have fun together, he told me he doesn't want to having vaginal sex, he only wants to fuck my ass and mouth, I told him that it was fine, I'm interested in having sex with him and that he is happy with me and that he makes me happy, after already having anal sex for 3 months one day he came home from work, and he told me that He asked me to suck his dick and have the lubricant ready, after sucking it, we ran to the room and he put a lot of lubricant in my anus, and we began to have cowgirl anal sex, I really like that position because I control the movement, when he was going to cum he told me that he would cum on my tits so I bent over and received the load on my tits, and he told me that load would look better on big round and firm tits, I'm going to buy you your tits my love :P , I was so excited that he came out of it and I didn't have to ask him, I said thank you love I want to have sexy tits I always loved them, I've been having anal sex for 1 year now and I have new tits, I only have a question because men they are obsessed with anal sex they go crazy for anal, and why not more girls have anal sex, having anal sex your man does everything you want and makes you happy, keep updating my anal adventures

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Re: Samantham

Post by Backdoorlover » Wed Mar 29, 2023 9:17 am

I believe many women don’t understand how much anal sex will improve their relationship. Men crave women who want anal sex without acting all weird about it.

I am glad for you your life goes better now. Enjoy it every way you can.
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