Brasilian Butt Lift (BBL)

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Brasilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Post by Backdoorlover » Wed Apr 26, 2023 1:48 am

Hey there. I don’t know if many know about this plastic surgery, the Brasilian Butt Lift, where they do a lipo suction around the woman’s waiste and her upper legs and use the fat to fill up the ass.

So my sweety is 51 and has 4 kids. Her body suffered from it a lot. So since 2018 she started to do something about it. First step was a breastlift, which was the first step into a frustrating period with a total of 5 breast surgeries before she now finally has her dream boobs.

But somewhere in between she also did a - poorly executed - tummy tuck.

Yesterday we were at her current plastic surgeon, for a follow up on her boobs, and there she discussed her next step.

Liposuction 360 with a BBL

He will suck away all possible fat on her back, at her waiste and her belly. Also on her upper arms and on her upper legs. That fat then gets filtered and reinjected into her asscheeks, to make them bigger and rounder. Her ass will grow and her waiste will shrink.

She wants this because her work scedule prevents her from any other form of shaping. Fitness is impossible for her to fit into her life. I ‘ve introduced her into the wonderfull world of thong bikini’s and thong bathingsuits. Now she wants an ass she can show off, while wearing nothing but a tiny thong. Cause she really wants to show off her boobs topless.

This has been weird for me. At first I was totally against the lipo 360 + BBL because it felt she wanted to do it to please me. But after many talks about it, it’s the other way around. She wants this for herself to because hotter then she’s ever been.

Her words are “I have been a mum my whole life, now I still have time left to be a hot woman”
And meanwhile I did a lot of research on that surgeon’s BBL results. It makes me really look foreward to it. She’s hot already. But this surgery will give her the body of an Insta model.

And I will be looking at that body all the time. Seeing her in sexy dresses, on high heels, working that amazing ass. Do lots of nude shoots with her, bikini shoots, enjoy her in thongbikini at our home pool. And - even more important - use her amazing body for ass to mouth sex every day. I feel like hitting the jackpot. 🥰
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