Passing the Rectum into the Colon...

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Re: Passing the Rectum into the Colon...

Post by bluej34 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:40 am

LuvMyWifesAss wrote:First, let me say that you might see the rectal valves referred to as the Houstons Valves, rectal folds, or (as Marcus pointed out from the illustration) the transversilis, or transverse folds. These are all one in the same.

Almost all anatomical drawings show the rectal valves The following video shows the valves in an open state, which they would generally never be in unless passing a stool or, in the case of anal sex, accepting a penis. However, you can learn to consciously control these valves with practice.

Leave it to porn to do a better job illustrating something. The following video shows a woman with a speculum in her ass. She is opening and closing her rectal valves, opening to her colon. ... _gape.html

As you might imagine by what you've seen in this video, the rectal valves can provide incredible stimulation of your cock and allow you to ejaculate beyond her valves and into her colon.

There are several positions that help shorten the rectum and align the colon to allow penetration. This is best achieved with her in either the spoons position with her knees drawn up against her chest, or in the doggy position, but with her pushed back, so that her knees touch her chest. These positions also serve to pull her cheeks apart, allowing even deeper penetration. As well, she can bear down somewhat to shorten the length of the rectum. This tends to be something a woman naturally does during an orgasm anyway. It seems to perfect, that at the time of her orgasm, she pushes her rectal valves down onto your cock and stimulates you to ejaculate in her colon.

I hope he won't mind me posting this, but Robert did an incredible job explaining the feeling:
Robert wrote:About the valves: We did that last night. It's something everyone should know about. OMG. I'll make a post on the forum when I get around to it. Simply put we took the advice about positions and did spoons and i helped her with her leg, pulling it back so that her cheeks were stretched apart. It was after around 10 min or something when I pushed hard against her bum that I felt something else against the head of my cock. Like a ring it stretched over and behind the head and I was then able to continue thrust a little back and forward and keep it there so that it sort of slid over and around the end of my shaft.

Here's another great example showing the valves working and demonstrating that a woman can take any size man in her ass. ... ed=related

By the way, your partners rectal valves probably won't open this wide. The woman is this video has stretched hers using extreme sized items.

You mentioned you didn't know if you had ever done it without realizing it? You'd realize it. As someone else in the forum described, there is no better feeling than being balls deep in her ass, pumping your load into her colon while her rectal valves almost suck the cum out of your cock.

Let us know how it goes.

My oh MY!
Thank you for that link. Understanding how the colon can open and eventually being able to control this is amazing!
I always feel these waves when I cum vaginally, now I can start training them for the real deal.

How about pre-lubing that area? Would it help? Like a deep insertion of lube into the colon, seems like it would help loosen things up and aid in sliding past the bends.

I have so much to look forward to :D

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Re: Passing the Rectum into the Colon...

Post by crazydiamond » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:54 am

My wife and I have been doing anal for years. Only very recently did I find I was getting a little resistance when very deep, then a pop as I went through, its the colon, now going in out of this area is really good, With pressure on the base of my cock and the tightness around the head, its a whole new dimension to our love making. So going from the rectum into the colon is a real turn on. I am 8 x 6.25 and can reach this area with ease

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