Cleaning the ass well

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Cleaning the ass well

Post by Livelysoul » Thu Jan 20, 2022 9:58 am

;) Hi!
I have a question:
I have used water from the shower to fill me up, then released the shit, lol :? But in hopes to becoming clean and ready for a very deep penetration, it does not work!

How do for example hotkinkyjo take toys far up herself while masturbating without having a mess?

Thanks beforehand :P

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Re: Cleaning the ass well

Post by Karasmith1978 » Sat Jan 22, 2022 7:55 pm

My guess would be that she has a period of fasting before one of her shoots. You could take a deeper enema or get a colonic. The enema at home is probably the most cost effective choice but still presents challenges. In order for the water to get that deep you will need to be in the, head down, ass up position. You almost need someone to help you with this type of enema. You need to take about 2 quarts of water, hold it as long as you can and then release it. You may need to repeat the process. Keep in mind that tap water is not usually recommended for this type of enema. I don't do these but I think I've read that saline is the best option but you should do some research on the net. Either way you have to clean out not just the rectum but the descending and transverse colon as well. Standing enemas won't get that job done.

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