Long-term plug wear and going to the bathroom

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Re: Long-term plug wear and going to the bathroom

Post by VioletSub » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:10 pm

minorkeyes wrote: Generally speaking, I am not the overly self conscious type. I have always been fairly comfortable in my own skin and content to be my own person regardless of what others think. Wearing my plug in 'awkward' situations never really occurs to me because wearing a plug is just like slipping on a pair of underwear or doing my make-up. It's just second nature.

I love your perspective. Thank you :)
xo - violet


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Re: Long-term plug wear and going to the bathroom

Post by zippedinlatex » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:17 pm

You said/asked: "I'm a massage therapist so I'd say I stay pretty active. Due to the nature of my work I don't feel comfortable wearing a plug to work. However I also know that when I was wearing my plugs for long periods I would look forward to getting home and putting it back it.

"Did you have situations that you were once uncomfortable or embarrassed to wear your plug when it was still new for you? Like my kind of work or family functions etc. I would love to hear your perspective of these sort of situations."

I am not a massage therapist but am very physically active. And yes, there were times (for years) that I felt like it was "wrong" to be plugged in situations with people, and especially family(!) around. I have finally gotten over it. I am finally able to stay plugged all the time. It is such a mind-melt. Thank you to minorkeys and everyone else who has posted here on this topic. And, yes, I too have found that there are times when my regular schedule is knocked off a bit. But I get back into the "flow" of things in a day or so.

I love being plugged now (most of the time). Thanks again to all of you for making me realize I am not alone.

Happy plugging.

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