Tight muscles in sigmoid and colon?

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Tight muscles in sigmoid and colon?

Post by humpf » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:52 pm

Hi, 4 years ago it was quick and easy for me to take enemas even large once, could take 4 litre in a few minutes without discomfort and top out at 4.5 litre, since then i had increasing health issues.
Today it can take 10 minutes for 1.5litre and thats with discomfort and both rectum sigmoid and colon feels tighter when pushing in dildo's, no matter how many times i push in a 480x45mm double dildo i still need to go very slow and gentle because the muscles tighten up as soon as the dildo is removed and its not even the widest dildo i have used.

Have issues with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypothyroidism(currently treated with erfa thyroid) and testosterone deficiency(treated with hcg which stimulates the body's natural production), all three for 15 years or more.

Health care where i live is at best a joke when it comes to these kind of issues, im not joking when i say that hypothyroidism was better treated back in the 50's and T deficiency was better treated back in the 70's, most doctors have no clue what me/cfs is and if they heard of it its often called a mental disorder despite that modern science determined otherwise.

For unknown reasons both blood pressure and heart rate have increased in the last 5 years, also a feeling which might be excess epinephrine which can come and go several times a day, since 2009 talked to multiple psychologists and psychiatrists and all of them say the same thing, no treatable mental issues its all physical.

1. is there anyone else here having issues with the sigmoid/colon muscles becoming much more tighter?
2. Any supplements worth trying to see if it can help the muscles to relax?

Regards humpf

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