How to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy at make love?

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How to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy at make love?

Post by jeensexo » Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:04 am

In bed, the first thing we think of is the perfect sex, with their lover in bed together, is undoubtedly the most wonderful thing. So what are some tips for making your sex life happier?

1.Just do it
A lot of people have sex a few times a week, a few times a month. However, this kind of regular sex will undoubtedly push the wonderful feeling into a dead end. Perfect sex isn't about having sex for the sake of having sex. So, when you want, do it. Only when you want to, can make sex more harmonious and perfect.

2.Changing position
The sexual position is not uniform, you can change the sexual position from time to time, so that each sex is different, full of excitement. So, by adding different elements to each pose, it becomes a new pose. Missionaries, for example, put a pillow on their hips to make the sensation more intense.

3.Say things that excite you and your partner
And men don't like a woman who doesn't say anything in bed, so say something in bed that excites you and your partner, but don't swear.

4.Lubricants for fun
Might as well use a few edible lubricants, for example cherry fruit flavor human body lubricants. Sweet cherry fruit flavor, can make each other taste better. Of course, there are other edible sex toys that you can use in your sex life.

5.Sex tools
Sex tools (sex dolls or sex toys) are not only used for masturbation, but in many cases can be used to deepen the feelings between couples, to stimulate the interest in sex, and increase the fun of each other.

If you want to know more, you can search for this on Google, such as "sex" and "sex doll".

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