Pregnancy and anal only

Curious about the anal only lifestyle or anal sex in general but have questions or concerns? Ask away here.
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Re: Pregnancy and anal only

Post by analsexonly » Sat Sep 05, 2020 11:03 am

@ksaleh When you were trying, I know you tried several different methods. Did you also try using a turkey baster/syringe to take your semen and squirt it into her vagina more deeply than could be done otherwise? It seems likely that method would work, and @LuvMyWifesAss mentioned it working for them.

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Re: Pregnancy and anal only

Post by Mushroom » Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:12 am

Just a thought but if your wife uses uses tampons when having her period how about soaking one on semen and inserting it as she normally would. That way it could really soak in and hope fully on tadpole will reach her cervix .
Great respect to you both for your lifestyle and they way your are trying to keep her virginity.

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Re: Pregnancy and anal only

Post by ksaleh » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:33 pm

@analsexonly Sorry for the long time with no answer. Especially with you, who are always so helpful. We don't try anything like that. We have suspended pregnancy plans for now, but we have already decided on vaginal sex if our alternative attempts fail any longer. We agree that the dream of increasing a family with a child is more important than our sexual whims...

@LuvMyWifesAss If you want to explain the method in more detail (here or privately), thank you in advance.

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Re: Pregnancy and anal only

Post by SydneyAussie » Sat Feb 27, 2021 1:19 am

My wife is 14 weeks... when ready to conceive, it's 2 weeks after the last period there is a 12 hour window to get pregnant, get an ovulation test and have vaginal sex for 2 days prior, 1 day prior, during and 1 day after... 4 consecutive days...

The reason why is that sperm can live for up to a week in the vagina and takes time to swim... also the 12 hour ovulation window is sometime during these days. The home hormone "ovulation test" will give you that window.

Key points...
1) most people are ignorant about conception...
2) 98% of women follow this schedule to the day pretty much...
3) Ovulation is triggered by hormones and are pretty reliable but 4 days is more of a certainty.
4) 12 hour window for conception.
5) Sperm lives up to 7 days
6) Ovulation is usually 14 days AFTER the end of the last period.
7) Use home ovulation test to find the exact day and "period" - you can also use an ovulation tracker app on a phone for the exact day and when used with the test is very powerful.
8) Have her hips elevated to let gravity help with the sperm go into her vagina for at least 15 minutes... do not stand up after sex. 3 pillows under her bum is ideal.

How do I know? We got pregnant on our first month using this method... all this knowledge was researched from many many sources and this was a planned pregnancy.

Also another key point we have been told when giving birth... use gravity... don't let her struggle by laying on her back, that's ridiculously cruel and what they do in hospitals, it's idiotic. Have her at least 45 degrees or even near vertical... remember the old saying "catch the baby" because they literally pop out. Finally "delay cord clamping", an absolute must is to leave the cord attached for a minimum of 15 minutes... some say up to a few hours and there's even something call a "lotus birth"...

This is all for when you are ready... or for anyone else.

We are AO and made and exception for pregnancy because we wanted a natural conception.
True Happiness is a being with a Woman who is Anal Only

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Re: Pregnancy and anal only

Post by TheAnalTrainer4u » Wed Apr 20, 2022 8:43 am

My last A.O.L. RELATION was with a lesbian couple that had recently uograded from oral only to anal also....then decided that they wanted a baby...."nervously"they offered to do natural inseminations even until one of them was officially I proposed "what if I can fo it without vaginal penetration with my Dick....they were shocked but at the sometime all for it....i literally had to teach them how to give fellatio yet i only got hard from i got to be both of their 1st male experiences & 1st male to do anal with them. So everytime i would finally bust, I pulled out and they let it all go into a syringe and then took turns pushing out as much as they could to have the other one inject it directly into the cervix....believe it or not...the more stud-like girl was already like 2 months along by the time her gf was officially impregnated with twins. 😌 im glad to have been able to help out. 👌

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