Sleeping inside of her

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by JonTraser » Sun Nov 01, 2020 12:24 pm

I had a fuck-buddy for about 9 - 10 months and after a conversation at the start of getting together we went anal-only.

At the time we both worked together doing shift work. We’d head back to one of our respective homes after a late shift, both shattered. The following day we’d have a sex session but that evening, coming home from work, we’d just climb in to bed together in the small hours of the morning, I’d slip my dick up her asshole and we’d just spoon and try to sleep.

One of three things would happen:

1. We’d wake up in the morning, having become separated during our sleep.

2. I’d lay, mildly awake, inside of her for a while, but the feeling of being up her asshole would become too much and I’d eventually end up fucking her and coming up inside her.

3. We’d both fall asleep and I’d go limp but stay inside her ass. I’d wake up at some point in the night, realise I was still inside her, instantly get hard again and fuck her ass until I came.

Regardless of how it ended, being inside her asshole while we were trying to go to sleep was hands down the nicest, most relaxing way to drift off. I fully recommend it.

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by raisahaque » Mon Dec 14, 2020 11:46 pm

As a girl with big wide ass, I have been introduced to anal at the quite early of my life. Most of my boyfriends love to penetrate my ass much more than my vagina. I also got used to this eventually. But there was this guy (not my bf, don't judge ;-) ) who totally loved to demolish my ass. He used to put fruits, chocolate, banana etc inside my ass . One night , he told me he wants to sleep with his dick inside my ass. But as soon as he entered my ass, he couldn't control himself and started penetrating my ass. After he came the first time, I thought now he may be able to do that. But NO.. He couldn't keep his dick inside my ass while it is erected, he had to penetrate it. So, from my experience, I can say that, if a dick is inside your ass.. none of you can sleep in peace :P :P
An anal slut never keeps her ass empty :mrgreen:

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by notnice66 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:08 am

Ummm, thinking of this from the woman's perspective - have you even considered that? Once sexual activity is over, the natural secretions and lube dry up and it becomes quite dry. Pull it out then and- ouchies! My advice to you is: be considerate!

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by Gustav » Mon May 10, 2021 10:27 am

It all depends on the kind of lube. I use a silicon-based one, it stays all night. I reapply a bit more just when we need to go to pee in the middle of the night.

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by Gustav » Mon May 10, 2021 2:50 pm

"Sleeping with 'him' in there" has been our favorite game since we get married. For years it was vaginal only, she likes the feeling of being filled in spoon position and we have few problems to get to sleep connected in that way. Actually, we had only two problems:
- When I went soft, the lube and the secretions naturally made me slide out and the game was over. We missed a sphincter and we didn't know.
- To avoid slipping out, once a while I started to thrust just the bare minimum to make it hard again. But when she woke up with my movements, often she was irritated and put me out, or sometimes she just changed sides, facing me. End of game.

Our story changed in December 2017, that night from 23 to 24. We started sleeping with it inside the vagina as usual, but in the middle of the night I woke up and I was out. As I felt it getting hard, I just applied a bit of lube and resumed my previous position. As expected, my penis penetrated her VERY VERY slowly to not wake her up, and I didn't any movement, I just stayed quiet with just the tip inside. When the sun rose, a few thrusts were enough to make me come. Later that day, she said: "You have already got your Christmas gift, huh? You fucked me in the ass this night." I swore to her and I swear to all of you, it wasn't intentional and I didn't even feel the difference. "But why didn't you warn me? Did I hurt you? Why didn't you take it off?" She answered: "I woke up and at first I felt weird, but as you stayed still, it didn't hurt at all. Then I just kept quiet, experiencing the sensation."

It took me a few weeks before I got the green light to try again. Then, consciously, I prepared her ass carefully with all my love before our first official anal sex session, and we both enjoyed very much (and YES, there is a HUGE difference between the holes). After a few months of practice, we tried for the first time to sleep with him inside... but 'behind'. It is always in spoon position. I apply a silicon-based lube on me and inside her ass, and guide the penis to the entrance. A very little pressure to keep from sliding sideways, and the tip is inside. This is the time to turn off the lights and make me confortable on my side, waiting for minuts while her ass pulls me inside very, very, very, very, very slowly. One last adjustement in my position and then I am prepared to stay buried, balls deep all night long. It is very romantic to sleep so close like this, but there are some rules in our contract:
- I can't move, otherwise she wakes up and puts me out.
- I can't come, otherwise she urges to go to the bathroom. Yes, it's a kind of orgasm denial, but my reward is in the morning, when my swollen cock can fuck her ass as much as I can.
- If we need to pee, ok: disconnect, go to the bathroom, reapply lube and restart.
- If we need to turn the side, she goes to my side of bed and I go to her side. Reapply lube and restart.

No problem to go limp, as her sphincter locks me in (actually, it works as a cock ring, blocking me from losing all of my erection). The best part of the game is when I wake up in the middle of the night feeling him getting hard, very slowly, filling her empty space little by little. And I have this happiness many times a night. In the morning she feels great, and magically she spends all the day in a good mood, aroused for no apparent reason, waiting for the next time we can "sleep with him behind".

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by FMF » Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:20 pm

Lisalovesanal wrote:
Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:04 pm
Hubby more often than not falls asleep with his cock inside my arsehole. He remains semi hard for the most part and then if he wakes during the night will often just fuck a load into me. If I feel like it I’ll urge him on otherwise I’ll just lay there and let him use me. Either way is a big turn on. I’ve also fallen asleep suckling on his cock. He will tell me he wants me to sleep with his cock in my mouth and I love that. Again if he wakes he’ll turn me on my back and mount my face and use my mouth and throat to cum and then pull out and roll over and go to sleep. He also sometimes wakes up horny and just straddles my chest and jerks off onto my tits or face or into my hair. I really love being used like this. For no reason other than his pleasure whenever or however he desires. :twisted:

We've done this sort of thing. We've always had a rule that our physical beings belong to our lovers (permament but revocable CNC) so thre is no need to wake me up to fuck me, just do it.

I like to wake guys up with a BJ too. Funny thing, I mentioned this to my mom once and she told me that she does that for dad "all the time." No wonder they were always in such a good mood at breakfast.


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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by TantricKing » Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:35 am

There is a proven way to fall asleep this way: ) Just fuck hard enough to have no energy left. Knowing this might happen, let the finale happen in spoons, and think of the lights, music/silence and anything else in advance.

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by The_Druid » Thu Jul 29, 2021 12:58 am

You might want to try this. At bed time, while spooning, get the penis as deep in her bum as possible, then lay pefectly still. The penis will not go flacid as the anal sphincture will act as a cock-ring (as previously mentioned). At this stage, it is vitally important that you remain perfectly still. after a while, if all is well, you will notice a change in your partners breathing, as she falls asleep. After a short time, you will feel the inner ring slide over the head of your penis and start to gently draw on it. Again, you must remain perfectly still.
When you partner has been asleep for between 1 and 1 1/2 hours , she will enter a period of sleep called REM sleep. This is when the human brain dreams, and this is when the exquisite pleasure begins. It may start with her anus gently pulsing on your penis. In reply, you should gently flex your penis inside her. The gentle pulsing will develope, and may be accompanied by small movements of her hips. In reality you will have induced a highly sexual dream in her which may, if you do everything right, result in her having an orgasm while she sleeps. The trick is not to move too much, just enough to give her anal nerve endings pleasure while she moves and pulses. The last thing you want, is for her to wake up. The orgasm she experiences will be so intense that it usually is enough to make you cum too. Believe me, the pleasure you will both experience will be immeasurable. Unfortunately, since prostate cancer, I can no longer experience these pleasures myself, but am still able to give the same pleasure by using my thumb as a substitute. If any of you try this, please be kind enough to let me know how you got on.
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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by Analjay (Analmostly) » Thu Jul 29, 2021 5:10 am

we tried this years ago but I just can't nod off. It feels toooo nice and I just want to fuck. Drove me wild :lol:

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by Lisbon_Couple » Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:38 am

After we orgasm n the spoon position and all the cum is inside her, we fall asleep and say tied all night, She uses my penis has a butt plug, sometimes until morning.

Anal sex, unlike vaginal sex, fulfill us, it bonds us physically and mentally in a profound way that I can't describe. We truly became one.

Sometimes in the morning when we wake up, she makes me a blowjob, she loves that I feed her with my cum.

And after my penis being in her ass for so long, he needs to be properly clean :P . And her sexual organ (asshole of course) also needs a profound cleaning, which I provide with my tongue in a lovely 69.
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