Sleeping inside of her

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Re: Sleeping inside of her

Post by JonTraser » Sun Nov 01, 2020 12:24 pm

I had a fuck-buddy for about 9 - 10 months and after a conversation at the start of getting together we went anal-only.

At the time we both worked together doing shift work. We’d head back to one of our respective homes after a late shift, both shattered. The following day we’d have a sex session but that evening, coming home from work, we’d just climb in to bed together in the small hours of the morning, I’d slip my dick up her asshole and we’d just spoon and try to sleep.

One of three things would happen:

1. We’d wake up in the morning, having become separated during our sleep.

2. I’d lay, mildly awake, inside of her for a while, but the feeling of being up her asshole would become too much and I’d eventually end up fucking her and coming up inside her.

3. We’d both fall asleep and I’d go limp but stay inside her ass. I’d wake up at some point in the night, realise I was still inside her, instantly get hard again and fuck her ass until I came.

Regardless of how it ended, being inside her asshole while we were trying to go to sleep was hands down the nicest, most relaxing way to drift off. I fully recommend it.

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