Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

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Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by Newcomer101 » Thu Aug 20, 2020 9:24 pm

I'm very much in the wanna-do-anal-but-rarely-can phase, and only use toys. I usually douche with a water bottle, but it semi-often ends with me rather cramped on a toilet seat a few minutes after douching. So questions;

1) what is going wrong with my douching? I use warm water after a hot shower, and put in between a quarter and half bottle (4-8 fl oz).

2) I've seen several posts on people not needing to douche at all, having maybe some slime but nothing shitty. how? I understand diet is a significant part of it but specific foods and the like would be prefered.

3)Any other tips and tricks are welcome as heck

Looking forward to hearing back from here!

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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by luv2play45 » Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:04 pm

Well, this may strike you as weird but it is what works for this 30 years anal only couple.
My wife is averse to enemas. Maybe her being a former nurse has something to do with that?
In any case we have worked this out between us with few problems but our method is part of our long term relationship.
If you are not close with your partner or looking for an anal quickie then an enema might be the best way to go.

She sits on the commode, showers, comes to bed and then tells me she is ready but to be forewarned there may be some "intruders" in the way and it is my job to find these intruders.
I start out massaging her ass with a bit of coconut oil and then inserting a finger in her butt.
If there is something in her lower rectum I can notice it easier with my finger which has more tactile sensitivity than my dick.
If something is there, and 80% of the time that is the case, I ask her what she wants to do about it.
Most times I insert my penis giving her slow, shallow strokes to open her up.
She then visits the bathroom, cleans up and returns.
Usually I do not need to clean myself off but if so I just wash my dick off in the shower.

Now that she is pretty confident that she is fairly clean and we get down to more serious fucking.
But, my lady has to feel that she is really clean or she cannot orgasm so she will usually ask me to do one more "security check".
By now she is pretty opened up and I can get 2 fingers in her and really go deep.
If there is something there we do a repeat of step one - if not we continue on our merry way.

Sex takes longer this way but makes it very enjoyable for both of us.
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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by Canassman » Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:52 am

Maybe we r just lucky... my wife doesn’t not douche or enema... she simply goes to the washroom c. An hour or half hour before sex. We have a bidet she uses to clean her anus. And that’s about it... in 30 years together and a LOT of anal... we’ve probably had 3(?) incidents where my knob came out wearing a “hat” lol... if she’s had some stomachs upset we don’t have sex.

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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by SydneyAussie » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:22 am

Never had any issues, my wife is ready to go anytime... she prefers a shower before hand but at night she gets tired and we go for it. She's never done an enema and it's weird.

All she needs is the right amount of lube (not too much) and she's ready to go and tells me to get straight in her ass, slow then pound She's a bit bossy.
True Happiness is a being with a Woman who is Anal Only

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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by analsexonly » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:48 am

Have you read the Anal Hygiene page in the Guide?

It goes into more detail about diet and includes a recipe for mixing a homemade fiber supplement.

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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by Piercedkeith » Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:13 pm

I got a shower attachment that hooks up to the shower head. It has another hose with a string of latex balls on the end of it. I can turn and adjust the water pressure through the beads. So while I'm taking a shower I can fill up and clean out.

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Re: Cleaning/how to be clean without douching

Post by BlueMan » Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:29 am

In my 23 years of experience in anal, what works for me, is the pimpliest things...

1) Choose a clean woman, here in Argentina there is a Bidet in every house.
2) And in terms of entering free space, what I do is after linking her ass is inserting my longest finger in her anus... this is an easy way to find out if the area is receptive on busy...

if you are planning a date, always do enemas with only warm water (no additives) two hours before... this wait time is mandatory.

Have fun

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