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Difficult to find like minded people

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 3:49 pm
by HornyKat
Have been searching for a place to discuss the things I like but I haven't found a place to fit in, yet... opened an account over on Fetlife; however; the furthest I get into actual bondage is wanting to be held down (firmly but not roughly) by a woman while she fucks me in the ass. The thread rules get rather involved.... the "why did my post disappear" thread will say things like "don't talk about body parts" which doesn't make sense so I am not certain how much into that forum I will be involved.

I like women and t-girls although the t-girl thing is something I have given up on due to the expense of finding someone with a functional penis who looks truly feminine. They are out there, but this requires a lot of money and a lot of patience. Now I am trying to meet people online who will talk civilly with a man about getting fucked in the ass by a woman and there is a lot of hostility towards that both online and off.

So where would be a place I could go in the South Eastern United States or online that has people with my particular mindset?