Going thicker. What's a safe pace?

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Going thicker. What's a safe pace?

Post by hiward » Wed Nov 25, 2020 6:07 am

I really want to comfortably take thicker objects in my ass. I have played with anal for a while, but mostly with small to modest thickness (1" - 2" diameter). I REALLY want to go MUCH thicker, and was curious what's a good pace for leveling up? I know every body is different, but in general how often would most people add, let's say, a 1/4 inch of diameter to what they can safely take (fyi: keeping the length relatively small)?

I stay away from pain and play very safe, but I'm also impatient :), and so I'm curious where I should set my expectations.

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Re: Going thicker. What's a safe pace?

Post by Quebass » Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:24 am

I found a cool technique for this. I discovered I could use plasticine to make good dildos. Cover with a condom and you can change the size as you need. As you ride the dildo it will warm up and not work so well but at normal room temperature you'd be surprised how stiff it is.
You'll be quite surprised how wide or how long you can make them as you enjoy riding on them and making them bigger as you loosen up.
Then you can look online for proper dildos that are of similar size.
You do need those big blocks of plasticine 1inch x 3inch x 8inch and not the kids little strips.

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