Was it an anal male orgasm?

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Was it an anal male orgasm?

Post by anal_seb » Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:44 am

Hi everyone

I want to know what is your opinion and experience regarding the male anal orgasm and also I want to share with you my experience with it. Any guy here have had this kind of orgasm?

I know that there are some information on the internet about this male anal orgasm, you can find informations that this is a prostate orgasm, and also you can find informations that a prostate orgasm and an anal male orgasm are two different kinds of orgasm.

So I can achieve through only dildo stimulation in doggy style some kind of orgasm. After some minutes of anal masturbation I "cum" ^^. It's like I feel a hot wave and some shrinks In lower part of my pelvis and my legs are shaking.
When I cumming it is hard to keep the dildo inside my anus, the pressure inside is so high that my anus is trying to push out the dildo and I need to hold it hard inside.

I did not touch my penis a single time, my dick is flat. I only get this through anal dildo stimulation,

The orgasm is about 2 sec. sometimes more and also when I "cum" there is some urine and i think sperm or precum in the urine.

After this some kind of "orgasm" stops I can start once more with the anal play and do it again and again up to 4-5 times, then i feel that my prostate gets  bigger and I think swollen and I must stop playing because it is no longer enjoyable. And  i need to wait couple of hours or till next day.

In my opinion it is some kind of prostate orgasm.

What is your opinion ?

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Re: Was it an anal male orgasm?

Post by Samy » Wed Jan 20, 2021 6:07 pm


I'm a 100% bottom male, I stimulate my penis as little as possible, and get sexual intercourse and pleasure only through my mouth and ass (and stuff like kissing etc. of course).

To me, there are two kinds of male anal orgasms: the ones that make your penis cum, and the ones that make your ass cum. The first ones are achieved through sexual excitation/frustration and/or prostate massage when you're fucked with a dildo or a cock, the pleasure is much superior but actually quite close to stimulating your penis, you do feel pleasure in the base of your cock/in your prostate with ramifications in your ass, it's even better when you're fucked hard while it happens.
And then, there are pure anal orgasms that can be achieved even after your penis has cum and is unexcited, only through anal stimulation: those ones are rarer and harder to achieve, but are MUCH more intense than anything I've ever experienced, you're shaking and explode with pleasure, like nervous fireworks that ignite in your ass and radiate through your whole body, and it lasts MUCH longer, you can actually get anal orgasm after anal orgasm while your partner goes on fucking you, and then you can get echoes even hours after you've been fucked. In my experience, having a vigorous partner with a very big cock (or double penetration) helps a lot, I have a partner like that (my main partner) and the pleasure is incredible. During those orgasms, my penis and prostate are actually irrelevant, I generally get those after one or two of the first kind of anal orgasms. It also helps to never ever stimulate your penis to achieve them - I'm not just talking of ignoring it during the intercourse, but ignoring it always, ever, and only come anally.

In fact, I suspect the second kind is the same as female anal orgasms. To me, anybody who never penetrates his/her partner should never stimulate his/her genitals, and only try to achieve that kind of orgasm, it's the best option for everybody.

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