Meeting other Anal Lovers

Curious about the anal only lifestyle or anal sex in general but have questions or concerns? Ask away here.
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Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by Brooklyn333 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:50 am

Hi All,
I found this forum back in the beginning of covid when I was stuck home for months on end and like most with nothing to do I started masturbating, a lot and quickly ordered my first sex toys. A vibrator and a small butt plug. I’ve only ever had anal once, but the one time I did I really liked it. So I decided why not experiment more. I received my toys and quickly got very into plugging myself. I’ve since then bought two bigger plugs and I usually wear them for about 6-8 hrs a day.

I want to meet someone who is willing to be anal only with me I don’t even want to attempt vagina sex with them. Besides the current dating apps that I’m so tired of using how have you all found new partners during this weird time? The guy who took my anal virginity is out of the question too cause sadly he moved across the country early 2020

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Re: Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by goofup21 » Tue May 04, 2021 8:39 pm

Hi Brooklyn333,
Welcome to the forum, and glad to hear that you discovered the joys of anal and self-play. Where are you from? Sadly the pandemic has been very hard on every one of us. The dating apps suck the way they work, haven't found one good encounter on them the few times I felt horny enough to try them out, but I guess finding booty love on there would've been even harder, haha. What kind of toys and plugs have you got? For solo play, I haven't used a lot of plugs on my partner yet, but I can suggest about using suction-cup dildos which you can stick to the wall and get them fully inside your ass. The more scales on the surface, the more pleasure. Glass works better. Also I have seen lukewarm coconut oil gives sensations which a warm dick can give.
About me - I am also fairly new to this forum, wasn't even regular up until recently, but looking to enjoy this community. Me and AO ex-gf ended it 2 months ago. Our usual was twice daily for about a year, with much more on weekends. We were almost AO as she liked something in her vag as well and I used to push a vibe or dildo up there and a gag in her mouth to shut those holes up, lol. We were a lot into sleeing with my dick inside her ass all night and edging ourselves that way, and whoever lost had to give other oral for atleast 30 mins straight, and then were eligible for a reward(ass play :)). Our anal sessions used to be an hour usually as I like to extend the pleasure as much as possible. I am based our of San Francisco.

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Re: Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by jack.fats » Wed Jun 16, 2021 12:47 am

Hey Brooklyn333,

welcome to DA forum (AOL forever), and glad to see Goofup21 greeted you well. Well, yes, I have been enjoying this community since joining but not so actively posting (my apologies).
It has been very hard on every one of us since last year: a lot of self-play, that's it but what to do next?
Dating apps suck the way they work but it's not so easy to start an AOL conversation on FB, innit?

Happy to see you discovered the joys of anal and self-play but unfortunately, Old Continent here: ain't that a shame but we have to get on a plane...

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Re: Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by CaptainTuttle » Thu Jun 17, 2021 6:27 am

Welcome to this great site. I am also a big fan of the female booty and have only recently discovered this site. It is great to see other like minded folks here, male AND female. I am in Ohio and have had pretty good luck in finding ladies who will indulge. Keep trying, they are out there.

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Re: Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by amaizeg » Thu Jun 17, 2021 6:54 pm

In all fairness I had a lover from before the pandemic and another one i reconnected with again when lockdowns intensified because we live close together.

The world is opening up again. I would suggest finding a guy you like and trust, and then focusing his attention on your ass.

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Re: Meeting other Anal Lovers

Post by onlyanal357 » Sat Sep 17, 2022 1:23 am

Are there any Anal lovers in Baltimore MD?

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