How do I convince my boyfriend to be anal only (receiving)?

Curious about the anal only lifestyle or anal sex in general but have questions or concerns? Ask away here.
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Re: How do I convince my boyfriend to be anal only (receiving)?

Post by Gapeman » Fri Oct 15, 2021 9:07 am

I have the opposite problem. What you describe is a dream to me...the kind of relationship I wish I had. How long have you been with your bf? If he really loves you maybe he will understand and get comfortable with it but it’s hard to make a man give up penetration if he’s not into it. At some point he will want to fuck!
I just would love to be only get ass fucked by a strap on girl and never fuck her. If I were your bf I’d want you to fuck me every day. I’d give you my ass every time and everywhere you want it!!
Since you like watching porn together let porn help you. Put him on a strict anal only (receiving) porn diet. Jerk and blow him off while watching some super hot strap on videos. Make him watch lots of forced bi and sissy hypnos video. That’s what made me crave to have girlfriends who makes me an anal only slut

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Re: How do I convince my boyfriend to be anal only (receiving)?

Post by Samy » Fri Oct 29, 2021 7:30 am

strick9 wrote:
Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:24 pm
clouds wrote:
Sun Sep 26, 2021 2:31 pm
- Only use ass for pleasure for a certain time, ignoring penis/clit ->improves pleasure (could work for both of you)

Does this actually work? He's not into chastity in any case. If I don't have non-penetrative sex with him, he will watch porn and get himself off. Unlike some girls I'm fine with that. It's a fine line to make him keep the right amount of interest in our sex.

I'm gay, bottom only, my penis never gets stimulated, and I can guarantee this works. I actually followed analsexonly's advices (the owner of this blog) for women, when he said a woman ignoring her clit would have much greater anal pleasure.

I started ignoring my penis four years ago, doing as analsexonly said, fingering my ass instead of jerking my penis off every times I felt like masturbating. At first it was really hard because my cock was really frustrated, but then, my pleasure during penetration really increased, then eventually it skyrocketed to the point of feeling totally different, and I finally felt my first anal orgasms while getting fucked hard in the ass.

From there, there was no coming back: penis stimulation didn't appear to increase pleasure for me any more, it instead felt like taking pleasure away from my ass. It therefore became very easy to ignore, especially since I eventually got anal orgasms from fingering myself. I only ejaculate by being fucked in the ass. It does work.

For your boyfriend... he's straight and wants to fuck, so it's harder to convert him. To make him anal only like you want, I'd suggest increasing anal dependency as a first step: every time his penis is stimulated, make it so his ass is stimulated as well: if he fucks you or if you blow his cock or if his cock is jerked, make it so he has always something in his ass during the act - it can be a finger or a butt plug. At first, tell him that'll make him used to anal pleasure and increase his general pleasure, and prepare him for strap-on action.

That first step will slowly "rewire" his brain to associate pleasure and orgasm to anal stimulation. If he's always stimulated anally when his cock is stimulated, that'll start a transfer, psychologically and sexually.

Then when he's used to that, tell him anal pleasure is much greater when you ignore your cock. You can limit cock stimulation little by little, and when his anal pleasure starts being stronger than cock pleasure, you can get him to be anal only, ideally forever.

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Re: How do I convince my boyfriend to be anal only (receiving)?

Post by Quebass » Sun Mar 27, 2022 3:43 am

This is exactly what my girl did to me. She gets so turned on by watching me rock hard and cumming with a dildo in my ass. Holding each other and kissing whilst we fuck dildos is on another level. Sometimes she sees that I'm about to blow and she will turn round let me rim her ass.

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