I don’t get fisting. What is the appeal ?

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I don’t get fisting. What is the appeal ?

Post by Backdoorlover » Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:49 pm

Back in the days I sometimes saw some fisting passing by as I looked for porn. Watched it once out of curiosity and dismissed it as “porn only stuff”

Now that I am on this forum I come acrosse some topics about fisting and suddenly I realize people do this in real life. My question still remains though… why ?

What is it that is so appealing about putting a hand or fist in your or your partners asshole ? Genuine curiosity here. Not to ridicule or something. It will never be appealing to me but I want to learn anyway. 😘
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Re: I don’t get fisting. What is the appeal ?

Post by AnalJay » Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:28 am

My wife started fisting me earlier last year. She was quite amazed when she actually got her hand all the way in. We don't do it all the time but every now and then. I used an inflatable butt plug to train up to it and I do kegel exercises to keep my ass hole toned, they might not really be necessary but they are good to do anyway. The sensation is great. I guess messing with butt plugs n stuff it was just a natural progression to see if a hand would go up. I'll fist her vaginally one time an she'll fist me anally another. It's a fantastic sensation and I'm glad I took the time, several months in fact, to gently train my ass to take her.

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