Cleaning the ass well

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Cleaning the ass well

Post by Livelysoul » Thu Jan 20, 2022 9:58 am

;) Hi!
I have a question:
I have used water from the shower to fill me up, then released the shit, lol :? But in hopes to becoming clean and ready for a very deep penetration, it does not work!

How do for example hotkinkyjo take toys far up herself while masturbating without having a mess?

Thanks beforehand :P

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Re: Cleaning the ass well

Post by Karasmith1978 » Sat Jan 22, 2022 7:55 pm

My guess would be that she has a period of fasting before one of her shoots. You could take a deeper enema or get a colonic. The enema at home is probably the most cost effective choice but still presents challenges. In order for the water to get that deep you will need to be in the, head down, ass up position. You almost need someone to help you with this type of enema. You need to take about 2 quarts of water, hold it as long as you can and then release it. You may need to repeat the process. Keep in mind that tap water is not usually recommended for this type of enema. I don't do these but I think I've read that saline is the best option but you should do some research on the net. Either way you have to clean out not just the rectum but the descending and transverse colon as well. Standing enemas won't get that job done.

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Re: Cleaning the ass well

Post by OCfemboy » Thu Jun 30, 2022 4:24 pm

Okay, this is a lot, yet I feel it encompasses what works for me, articulating some of the anatomical and biological elements as a means to better understand. It's truly more of a blog post I'd written, yet I feel it's appropriate here.

I'm not a fan of enema bags, even though I've used them with minimal success, and have developed a cleansing process that works for me 99% of the time -- provided I've taken into account the timing of it relative to my body's digestive cycles and when/what I last ingested.

I'm not into scat or similar play. Not at all. So I like to do what I can to avoid unpleasant surprises during the throes of sexual encounters, ranging from fucking, to toys of various shapes, lengths and girths, and anal fisting. While it's never completely avoidable, given the anatomical purpose of the human ass, I tend to go a little overboard to make sure it rarely, if ever, happens.

While normal enema bags can work, it can be a long and arduous process, so I prefer the shower shot attachment with the longer conical shaped nozzle with about five spray holes on the tip. I like to take quite a few toys in with me that have become part of my normal cleansing routine. After all, getting some toys in deep and stimulating the biological parastolic function of the colon helps to move everything toward the exit and clearing it out quite well, just as it moves food toward the same exit. The physical anatomy involves: 1) the anus opening and sphincter muscle that leads into the rectum; 2) about 4-5 inches inside the rectum is the bend toward the left side of the body that leads to the sigmoid colon; 3) the descending colon then curves upward until about 9-10 inches from the anus opening; 4) the transverse colon make a sharp turn and runs horizontally from the left to right sode of the body, and most people tend not to go much further than this during normal assplay. That's the extent to which I concentrate on during my cleansing ritual, which normally takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete. Sometimes a little longer.

It's important to note the prostate, or "P-spot," for men is located pretty much right behind the base of the scrotum, about 4-5 inches inside the rectum, toward the front of the body (often described as the size of a walnut), before the sigmoid colon curve to the left. All of these measurement approximations are based on me and my body, and yours may likely differ slightly. So individual adjustments are recommended and encouraged, because you need to do what works for you!

My toys of choice, in order in which I use them for my cleasing routine include an 18 inch black double dildo that's firm, yet soft, thinner on one end and thicker on the other. Another is my Nabini 12 inch dildo with balls, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite dildos because it goes in about 10 inches and is about two inches thick with a slight bulge in the middle, being just the right blend of firmness and softness to always feel comfortable, no matter how much I've worked myself over beforehand. (Warning, there are cheap imitation knock-offs that are terrible, too stiff, and painful to use, even though they from the very same mold, or pirated after purchasing a legitimate product.) Next I switch over to my Pipedream 10 inch thick dildo that vibrates, thicker than the Nabini, but it widens my hole and goes in just as deep. Following that is my Pipedream triple density 12 inch cock, which at first I didn't like, because the suction cup base is too small to function properly, it's too soft for heavy riding, yet it's perfect for a placeholder that comfortably glides in to fill me up and goes in deep, 2-3 inches past the transverse colon bend. Next is my Pipedream 12 inch brown dildo with no balls and a suction cup to stick on the shower wall, the same depth as the triple density 12 incher, and I like to attach it sideways so the smooth underside of the cock head is on my left side, and balls toward my right, because this make it smoother to slide in and out between the descending and transverse colon. I also have another 10 inch slimmer Pipedream dildo without balls but with suction base. Those are my primary toys for this process, and sometimes I bring in up to a few more, depending on my mood.

Obviously, it's important to first go to the bathroom to evacuate as much as possible prior to the shower, and minimize any mess in there. I then enter the shower and adjust the water flow of the slender conical nozzle to where it's rinsing off my hole like a bidet, before entry. Then I quickly push it up against my anus and hold it there, not really entering me fully, yet forcing the warm water into my bowels until I feel full, quickly pull it back, and let it empty out with pretty good force. A couple of times doing this, and everything starts to come out clear, before pushing the conical attachment completely into me until the tip enters the sigmoid colon, which then quickly fills, and I evacuate. After this starts to come out clear, I initiate the bodies involuntary parastolic by stimulating my sigmoid colon by thrusting the nozzle in and out rapidly, which tends to move whatever might still remain in the horinzontally situated transverse colon into the downward bend of the descending colon. For the most part, this all lasts just a few minutes, then it's onto the progression of toys to complete my process.

I take the smaller end of the double dildo, which fairly easily glides deep into me, and I wriggle it to get it past the curve of the transverse colon, getting it anywhere from 14 inches to the full 18 inches inside me, wriggling it around rapidly to once again stimulate the body's natural parastolic action. I slide it out, rinse as needed until clear, and turn around to the thicker end and repeat the process with the wider end stretching open that bend between the transverse and descending colon. While this works for depth probing, I often need more intense anal stimulation to really push out anything else that might still be there, so I grab the wonderful Nabini dildo and pound away at my horny hole very rapidly, which tends to work out little flecks of remaining material without going past the end of the descending colon. Then onto the thicker Pipedream dildo that I pound away inside me until my cock starts to squirt some pee uncontrollably, really working my hole. At this point, I'm fairly cleansed, yet not done yet, so I grab that 12 inch triple density Pipedream dildo, and glide it up into me until it hits that bend into the transverse colon, and I push it past until it's buried in me with just the soft small suction cup at my anal entrance, which is soft enough for me to squeeze my ass tightly to keep it inside me as I start my shower routine, while I'm washing my hair and face. Sometimes I use a couple of fingers to work it slightly in and out rapidly, and can even squeeze my ass cheeks tighter and release to make it pump a little in and out without touching it which in itself is a turn-on for me), while it remains just inside my transverse colon. Then I slide it out of me, rinse it off, and it's normally clean with no residue. However, there may still be something deeper within my transverse colon, so I sprinkle some J-lube powder on that beautiful black Pipedream 14 incher stuck sideways on the shower wall, I slide my wet hand along the entire shaft to get it totally lubed up, and back up to bear down on it until my ass hits the wall, feeling it open me up and glide past that curve into my transverse colon and I start fucking myself with it, pumping it in and out. I move my ass forward and backward onto it all the way, sometimes gyrating my hips so it hits other pleasure points deep inside me, including going for longer thrusts where the side of the pronounced cock head rubs against my prostate. Because I can only go so fast using this method, I sometimes grab the smaller and thinner Pipedream 11 incher and pound away quickly at my now stretched out hole, and it glides all the way in and out to get me close to cumming, hands free, but this one isn't thick enough, so I return to the BBC on the wall. As I slide myself back onto it all the way, the feeling of going from the thinner to the thicker dildo is such an intense turn on.

As long as everything remains clean from this point, I then somtimes continue playing with other toys in the shower, otherwise I rinse myself with the nozzle until there's nothing but clear water coming out. This process, over the past few years, allows me to remain fairly clean for up to 16 hours, allowing the flexibility of schedule availability for whatever opportunity arises. I tend to find this works best every other day, and I rarely have anything to evacuate in the toilet the following day, unless it's some of my natural clear and gooey gel-like colon secretion or some cum from a recent sexual partner (or partners).

As with anything and everything, each person is slightly different in physiology, biology, and their preferences, and this is what works very well for me. You may need to adjust any of this to "fit" you best in developing you're own cleansing routine.

Good luck, be careful and most of all, have fun!
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