Swamp Ass for Days After Anal?

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Swamp Ass for Days After Anal?

Post by yukichan » Sat Feb 05, 2022 7:34 am

So my one partner is finally getting more into anal sex over vaginal sex. I'm thrilled and have enjoyed it immensely, but there's an issue. Despite my best efforts my anus and surrounding area always seems extra moist and of course it smells terrible by the end of the day. This goes on for a few days after I have anal sex (usually like 3-5 days). I shower daily, try to keep the area dry, and it just keeps happening. It does eventually stop (until I have anal sex again).
It's so embarrassing and I have no idea why it keeps happening or how to stop it. We use water-based lube and not a ton of it so it's not like it's extra that's coming out after the fact. Everything else seems normal and I don't have any other issues. I feel like this didn't happen before I started having anal sex more regularly. I love anal and don't want to give it up, but this issue is driving me crazy.
Please, does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Swamp Ass for Days After Anal?

Post by FarmerDan » Sat Feb 05, 2022 2:47 pm

That's disappointing, I'm sure you expected things to turn out differently!

- try a daily dose of psyllium husk to make things less fluid back there. (Try to find a 100% variety, there are commercial products that contain it but often in small amounts.)

- your sphincter muscle tone's probably not quite up to speed yet, so leakage is happening. Try some kegels a few times a day until you're getting anal sex more frequently - contrary to popular opinion that will improve muscle performance, not slacken it.
It's a lifestyle folks not a 2 minute sprint

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Re: Swamp Ass for Days After Anal?

Post by AnalJay » Mon Feb 07, 2022 5:23 am

Try a different lube, you may be reacting to it. There may be an ingredient in it that your body is trying to expel. And yes, I was going to say kegel exercises, it is a muscle after all. If you have had a good seeing to, you may want to pop a finger or two down there and just make sure your butt is all closed up and in place. as any protruding flesh will be secreting juice, trying to lubricate itself, just doing its job, but as your panties soak up the natural lube, your ass will think it needs to produce more. Smell may just be your personal body chemistry, or a result of what I said before regarding the lube, as long as you are sure there is no infection. Many on here will say that when they swapped over to mainly anal sex, they started to use less lube as the ass learnt to lubricate itself, a bit like the vagina. people tend to produce more lube further up, to help stool move down, but for many of us anal lovers, the ass learns to lube itself up for sex too. Some people even get a white, cum like, lube discharged as they have sex. If you want to keep having anal, and I hope you do 'cos it's great! You may need to do the kegel exercises, many women do them any way (and men also) to keep the pelvic floor toned for various reasons including to improve vaginal sex, so no shame in doing them to tone the butt hole. Keep a check as I said that all is all in place periodically and go freshen up now and then, even when out of the house, untill you have trained yourself. Even, just maybe, take a spare pair of panties with you and a small plastic bag. If they do get wet, change them and put them in the plastic bag. Make it a sort of game. Look at all the people around and think, I've been hammered in the ass and I'm going to go freshen up while you all go about doing your shopping. Take hold of it rather than feel bad about it and hopefully you'll not only tone up but also learn the rhythms of how your body reacts and how to accommodate that. Don't be embarrassed about it with your partner either, tell him, "you, you've made me make my panties all wet, I'm gonna go change hem," if you say it right he may get a kick out of it, or maybe not, but its better to make it fun than be ashamed. Just an idea that you may or may not like.

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Re: Swamp Ass for Days After Anal?

Post by BlueMan » Mon Feb 07, 2022 1:59 pm

From my perspective, Anal is beautiful and has to be clean.
Daly and spontaneous anal can be always clean.
1) Buy a Bidet and use it after going to the toilet, before and after having anal sex. My girlfriend and I we use glycerin soap without perfume
2) Start the foreplay with a good rimming, Then insert your longer finger on her asshole in a sexy way, to the deepest point your finger can go. It is the continuation of the foreplay and the best way test to check if the ass is empty. If you touch something, you can choose: Do dirty anal or wait until she goes to the toilet. This is my personal system. and always worked for me.

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