Getting back into AO dating

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Getting back into AO dating

Post by Bejeweled.1. » Thu Jun 30, 2022 5:42 pm

Im a lady who has little to no dating history. I'll start off by saying I was AO for a year in my last relationship. I have no been single for a year and a half and getting back into dating, however I'd like to stay AO. The nature of anal requires patience and trust which is somthing hard to find when dating. How to I introduce this to potential dates? How do I get back into it, and what are AO encounters like in the dating world?
Would love to hear Pointers on how to do AO and dating.

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Re: Getting back into AO dating

Post by Backdoorlover » Thu Jun 30, 2022 8:47 pm

As a man I like to point something out. I always had high respect for women who like anal sex.

So if while dating I would have met a woman who straight up told me she only wants to assfuck, I would have felt I just won a lottery ticket. And I would have been carefull, empatic and took it at her pass. The only way to build up to a perfect anal sexlife is taking it easy and tell eachother how we like it.

So talk to your date about it if he has potential. The true anal loving men will understand the gift you are offering. Women like you are rare, so find the rare man you connect with.
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Re: Getting back into AO dating

Post by FarmerDan » Fri Jul 01, 2022 3:17 am

Interesting to hear this question from the receiver's point of view.

Firstly, if you mention anal let alone AO on your dating profile you're probably going to spend a lot of time dealing with people you would rather note.

I suggest you say in your profile that you're looking for patience and trust as that will discourage those who are looking for something quick and thoughtless. Then after a couple of dates with a good candidate, raise the subject of anal sex and prepared to explain how you find it clean and comfortable.

You might have some false starts but that's normal when you're seeking a compatible partner. On the other hand, while not all guys are in to anal sex there are plenty that are. And if the dating's going well you've probably got compatible mindsets.
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Re: Getting back into AO dating

Post by Colt1911 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:46 am

In this situation, it might be helpful, and VERY erotic, if the receiver demonstrated anal play and penetration with toys for the less experienced giver. In addition to turning her on and relaxing her sphincter it can help educate a partner in what to do. My wife is shy about anally masturbating in front of me but it’s very very erotic. This might help a partner new to anal learn what works best for you. Good luck! Anal rocks.

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