Husband isn't into anal

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Re: Husband isn't into anal

Post by NoVagAnal » Wed Jul 26, 2023 6:31 pm

evanie wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2023 1:45 am
Hi all, new here.

I really want to be AO, but my husband isn't into anal, at all. That's fine, I've accepted it, and I don't want to ever bring it up with him.

Because of that, it's something I only indulge in during my personal time. I do vaginal for him, but it doesn't turn me on in the same way.

What I'm asking is, what are some ways I can still fulfill my desire for AO and have fun with it, without crossing the boundaries of my relationship.

Curious if there are any other women here in this situation.

If you're looking to be more AO despite your husband's lack interest, you could do a few things.

Where a butt plug. Preferably with his knowledge, but if he is just not into it then you can just do it and not say anything.

Focus on pleasing him with your mouth whenever possible. This way you can leave your pussy unused and be more AO.

Of course anal masturbation on your side. Avoid doing anything with your pussy since you will be getting that at some point anyway. Focus on your ass instead .

It's not easy being with someone your not sexually compatible with. I'm sure you ajev already tried everything to get him to come around to anal but it's just not for everyone.

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