Depth in ombination with width.

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Depth in ombination with width.

Post by Plugl0ver » Thu Jan 11, 2024 11:08 pm

I have enjoyed inserting wider and wider plugs over the years and can now quite easily insert a 6 to 7 cm diameter plug with little to no preparation apart from some lube. Thinner slinks or probes can also be inserted up to 60 cm without much problem.

The issue I have is when inserting a wide, 4 to 5cm diameter plug deeper than 15 to 17 cm. I am aware of how the intestines are shaped and that there is a sharp bend at about that point. However, I frequently see several people going way past beyond that point with very wide plugs showing the infamous belly bulge :-) I have read some information about it and it seems that it is something that can be "learned" to accept or adapt to. Effectively moving around the colon to allow for the wider and deeper plug to be inserted. In my case I experience a type of pain at about 15 to 17 cm of depth that clearly communicates that I shouldn't go any deeper when going wide.

For those of you that are able to go both deep and wide, how did you learn to go past this obstacle? Should I try to get a soft but wider type of anal probe? The slink I have taper very gradually from about 1,5 cm to about 5 cm at the base so that is likely just bending itself along the path of the colon as it goes deeper.

Any advice is welcome, many thanks in advance.

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