Wearing a butt plug overnight

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Re: Wearing a butt plug overnight

Post by Zuhyan » Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:47 am

I apologize for a bump...just my 2 cents...

It's a matter of taste as to what you enjoy. I, for example, started out with the Doc Johnson classic medium best vibrating anal beads (30 years ago) in a mostly sexual frame of mind, (being gay, back then, the raw sexual pleasure was of paramount importance) although I always wanted to wear it 24/7, 365. It wasn't possible, though because of the very large, flexible base. It wasn't designed for longterm use, only for raw sexual pleasure. Being used to the feel of a buttplug best anal beads in my anus and up my rectum for 30 years, that's what I prefer, along with either the long, tapered classic design or the long prostate massager design. This is why I love the mood naughty lines from Doc Johnson with their extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed bases that fit comfortably between the ass cheeks. But they're not for everybody/everyone.

Each to their own. What is appealing to one person is unappealing to someone else. Experiment and find out what you like and go with that. Whatever works for you.
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Re: Wearing a butt plug overnight

Post by Regent » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:57 am

An question for woman only.
Could someone share with buttplug and without (after wearing)?
I want to buy one to my wife.
I know, I know - thera are such king of porn but interesting usual woman, not porn actress.
PM, if you could:)

p.s. apologise if this an improper query.

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Re: Wearing a butt plug overnight

Post by DaddysFavoriteBunny » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:00 pm

I stay plugged around 18 hours a day. Literally, it’s timed. My husband sends me a text in the morning with the times and instructions for the day. A schedule he sends goes something like this “wake up, take plug out at 8am, put plug back in at 12pm, take plug out at 6pm, fuck ass with vibrator and edge (no cumming on mon,wed,fri,sat) put it back in at 8pm for bed”. (We count time from 12am-12am). Anyways, so I sleep with a plug in every night (I do literally everything from college to grocery shopping or taking the kids to the park plugged). So in my experience I’d suggest to stay away from silicone plugs for extended wear. I would suggest a metal or glass plug (I like glass) with a thin base to sleep with. I haven’t had any issue removing it in the mornings. Although your body will naturally absorb any lube throughout the night. Because the glass/metal is so slippery on its on it’s not much of an issue or discomfort to me personally. I hope y’all keep at it and find a routine that works for both of you! Good luck!

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