Our journey to AO

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Our journey to AO

Post by fronsator » Fri May 13, 2022 1:41 pm


I would like to share how my wife and I started to discover our shared love for anal and the AO lifestyle.
I wanted to do this for many years but never found the time. I would be happy if sombody could use this as a manual to introduce anal to a woman that is a little opposed to that part of her body playing a role in her sex life.

Where we startet:

We were together for some time when I opend up about my interest in the female ass general and her anus in special.
She accepted it but told me that it wasn't something she would try. I was ok with it because at that time I thought anal was something that was only happpening in porn and women wouldn't acually enjoy it - boy was I wrong ;).
So I didnt't push it in at all and let it be for some time. After i while we were talking more openly about our fantasies and I asked her if she was ok with touching her anus during doggy style. She was ok with it and it really turned me on. The first few time I quickly came after touching her asshole for a few seconds. This was a huge turn on for her as well and she started to ask me to touch her there after some time.
During this period I also started to massage her anal region during a full body massage. At first only the outer region and not directly her anal opening. This - from my point of view - was very important as going to fast at this point would have made her hesitant again. She enjoyed that feeling and got more and more accustomed to the idea that her anus is a source of pleasure. I guess that I had to rewire something in her brain (That is how she described it). This went on for some month and I really took my time. Which I'm really happy about in hindsight. I think during this phase I really could have fucked it up (pun intended) if I would have rushed it.
So slowly but steadily I got closer to her anus during massages and even started to dilate her anal muscle a little. Which she found extremely pleasurable (I'll write another post about that)
During that time we had doggy sex again and I was playing with her anus. In the heat of the moment I asked her if I could stick my finger in her ass. She said ok and in I was. I will never forget that feeling. That soft tissue of the inside of her ass - incredible. I was very verbal and told her how much I enjoyed that feeling and it really kicked us both. After this experience she told me that maybe anal penetration wouldnt be so bad after all.
During our next encounters I started to rub my dick against her anus and she liked that feeling of pressure. At one point - I wasnt even intending it- she pushed her ass against my dick and I was in. IT WAS AMAZING. I fucked her and she could open up and felt no pain at all.
- I think I have to pause for a moment. Reading what I wrote already it seems lika a novel but I really enjoyed remebering that time. For some of you this would mean too much of a hassle to go through. But for us it was perfect. I would have regretted it if any rush would have ruined everything.
During that period I was'nt even aware of such a thing as AO or this forum. Although discovering everything at our own pace was awsome. But on the other hand it would have been a great support knowing more about other experiences beforehand.
At that point I started to research the internet about anal because everything seemed so natural to us. Like sex was supposed to be like that. And I thought there must be some information out there. But there isn't - sadly. Mostly porn or prejudices.
So discovreing this forum was kind of a revelation. Thank you for that.
I told my wife about what I've read on here and at first she was bewildered by the idea of AO. But after some time of enjoying anal more and more she agreed that in fact it was the superior hole. So we drifted from anal mostly to AO. It revolutionized our sex life. Its so much easier to have sex. Everywhere you read about that anal needs so much preparation. In our case the opposite is the case. Vaginal sex always required to set the right mood. Anal doesnt. If Im horny nowadays she is almost always open for a quicky.
From time to time I like to start in her pussy (eww :D ) just for foreplay but after a few thrust she tells me to put it in the right hole.
I love her.

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Re: Our journey to AO

Post by Canassman » Fri May 13, 2022 3:41 pm

Thanks for sharing this account of your experiences. While every person is unique, I could relate to many aspects of what you wrote. I too have an amazing wife who was willing to make this shift in our sex lives that have allowed us to have the best sex of our lives, and I love her deeply. I am happy you both found happiness this way.

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Re: Our journey to AO

Post by Backdoorlover » Sat May 14, 2022 12:35 am

My woman needs absolutely no prep to assfuck. I can just shove it in and she enjoys her ass being fucked from the moment I’m in.

So I can relate to your situation. 😌
17 months of ass to mouth only. 🔥

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Re: Our journey to AO

Post by Colt1911 » Sat May 14, 2022 8:01 pm

Anal changed our sex lives. Her only regret is that we didn’t try anal when we met years ago. I had anal sex before we met, but she didn’t until 4 years ago after 36 years of marriage, at the time. Her anal orgasms are what made us go anal only.

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