Update 2, AO Lifestyle. My wife has tried vaginally, but she... Close to achieve the first year of AO.

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Update 2, AO Lifestyle. My wife has tried vaginally, but she... Close to achieve the first year of AO.

Post by AO-LuV » Wed May 31, 2023 4:21 am

Hello friends of Anal Only Lifestyle.

Today I would like to give you updates about my anal only lifestyle, in the month of August, we would be celebrating our first year of having this lifestyle, which has been very pleasurable, anal sex has always led me to have the best erections, longer lasting, harder, and many more times to cum both, we usually have anal sex every day at bedtime, if you have not seen my previous posts I invite you to see them so you know our history and how we manage to have only anal sex everyday and daily at night, it was something key and that came to stay, in addition to that, occasionally we do it in the morning or during the middle of the day or afternoon as we have the opportunity, and sometimes when we are super hot, we have even had up to 3 sessions, I meant I cum 3 times, but she cums like 6 times up to 10, it's amazing and we have been enjoying it a lot without any regrets, it has been by far the best sex of my life and the kinkiest deal, because having an anal sex only life, is not something that comes so easy and sometimes even women are very complicated to do it anally, but I've been lucky.

Without further ado, what I want to tell you is that yesterday before sleeping we did it anally, anyways, there are times when my wife wakes up very horny in the early morning and ask me to fuck her, they are very rare times, but always very exciting that wake you up just to have sex and go back to sleep being that we had sex previously before sleeping, (I have my wife well fucked, well taken care of, and she the same with me), my wife told me to fuck her in the normal way, for us before just having anal sex, say do it normal it used to mean anal sex and not vaginal sex, but this time she meant vaginal sex, I was very sleepy like every night when she wakes me up and uses me as her sex toy and I just said yes, she put it in her vagina and inserted it completely, but she got hurt, since my D is long and wide, we waited and went slowly until her vagina got used to it and we did it until we finished, well I didn't finish but she did, and she was a little quiet, she didn't know how to tell me, but it was bad news that for us are good news, it was a little complicated, because she told me, yes I have cum, but ... (a long silence), she then said: I didn't like it, I mean I have cum like if I liked it, but I didn't like it so much, it wasn't what I expected, I thought that having been so long without doing it in my vagina, I would cum like never before, because I felt it closed to the point that it became virgin my vagina again, but it's not you, all good, I just didn't like it, (pause), me still without cumming, she just said I'll make you cum baby, don't worry, but she didn't tell me to finish in her vagina or her ass, she just sucked me very good and very hard and swallowed my semen, and I cum very much and very hard, since I didn't say anything, neither yes, nor no, she just put it in her mouth until she made me cum and we fell asleep again. Later she told me something that I did not remember because I was half asleep and she told me that, we can continue doing it the same way, that is only in the ass, she told me the same thing the next morning at kitchen and then I remembered it, we talked about that it is a strange feeling when your wife tells you that she did not like sex, in this case vaginal sex, that is heard as bad news and then we laughed thinking, in our context this bad news is good news, because both of us prefers anal sex, I was extremely erect with this conversation, like the time she sat me down to talk with her about her decision (for more about this see the other 2 posts in my profile), and while we were laughing and excited, she reaffirmed: I didn't like it in the vagina and we will keep having anal sex only, and she asked me do you agree? And I said, sure baby, no problem, while she saw my big erection, she came to me and started to touch it, then I fucked her in a chair at kitchen, you may know the way I fucked her, and that's it for now.

So far, this is what I wanted to tell you, I hope you liked the anecdote. Later I would be publishing when we reach the year of anal sex only (I never forget others who have already done it, and when I saw it, I could not believe it and now I'm there living the dream) and we are going for more, this will be our first year of anal sex only, and it has been very satisfying for both of us, the relationship is very stable and very well, we still have many years of anal sex, many more anal orgasms and stories to live and tell.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Update 2, AO Lifestyle. My wife has tried vaginally, but she... Close to achieve the first year of AO.

Post by Colt1911 » Wed May 31, 2023 5:34 am

Your wife did that to confirm she prefers anal over vaginal penetration. My wife did the same thing. Same experience, except her request for vaginal penetration ALWAYS ended with anal penetration. My wife only orgasms from anal penetration so it’s an easy decision for her. Sounds like you’re well on the way to a longtime anal only relationship. It’s the best.

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